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  • Sulfamic acid, also known as amidosulfonic acid, amido sulfuric acid, aminosulfonic acid, and sulfamidic acid, is a molecular compound with the formula H3NSO3.
  • This colorless, water-soluble compound finds many applications.
  • Sulfamic acid (H3NSO3) may be considered an intermediate compound between sulfuric acid  and sulfamide  effectively.
  • Sulfamic acid (SA) catalyses the nucleophilic opening of epoxide rings by amines leading to the efficient synthesis of -amino alcohols.
  • The reaction works well with aromatic and aliphatic amines in short reaction times and in the absence of solvent.
  • Exclusive trans stereo selectivity is observed for the ring opening of cyclohexene oxide.
  • Sulphamic acid is a classical inorganic compound and an important industrial chemical with an annual manufacture of several kilotons.
  • The provisions of this subpart are applicable to discharges resulting from operations in which sulfamic acid is employed as the sulfating agent.
  • Metal impurities present at sub - ng g+ levels in high purity sulfamic acid reagents were determined by isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma
    mass spectrometry with sample introduction by electro thermal vaporization (ETV).
  • By directional solidification, single crystal of Sulphamic acid (SA) was successfully grown from aqueous solution by  (SR) method.
  • Sulfamic acid is used in the "Scrubbing Bubbles Fizz-Its Toilet Tablets."
  • It is used in Catalyst for etherification process, Dye and pigment manufacturing, Herbicide ,Ingredient in Denture Tablets, Coagulator for urea-formaldehyde resins, Ingredient in fire extinguishing media.
  • Sulfamic acid is the main raw material for Ammonium sulfa mate which is a widely used herbicide and fire retardant material for household product.
  • It is used in Pulp and paper industry as a chloride stabilizer, Synthesis of nitrous oxide by reaction with nitric acid and in In household cleaning chemical products such as Cameo.
  • Sulfamic acid is used as an acidic cleaning agent, typically for metals and ceramics.
  • It is a replacement for hydrochloric acid for the removal of rust.
  • It is often found as a descaling agent in detergents used for removal of lime scale.
  • Sulfamic Acid
  • Sulfamic acid Information


  • Synthesis and Biological Activity of Vitamin D, 3P-Sulfate
  • Sulfamic Acid Catalyzed Ring Opening of Epoxides with Amines under Solvent-Free Conditions
  • Method for dissolving Delta-phase plutonium
  • Total & Amenable cyanide: Distillation
  • Potentiometer titration of an acid mixture
  • Probing DNA Polymerase Function with Synthetic Nucleotides
  • The green acid for use in cleaners
  • Dissolution of Plutonium Metal Using a HAN Process
  • Speciality chemicals hold key for industry's growth
  • Sulfamic Acid Sulfation Subcategory
  • Cleaning tablets comprising sulfamic acid
  • Magnesia refractories bonded with sulfamic acid
  • Sulfamic acid cleaning/stripping compositions comprising heteropolysaccharide thickening agents.
  • Use of sulfamic acid to inhibit phosphonate decomposition by chlorine-bromine mixtures.
  • Method for the production of sulphamic acid halogen ides
  • Tertiary amine sulfamic acid salts of polyfluoroisoalkoxyalkyl carbamates
  • Sulphamic Acid
  • Amido sulfonic acid
  • Sulfamic acid
  • Safety data for sulfamic acid
  • Sulfamic acid
  • Sulfamic Acid  Technical Grade
  • Determination of metal impurities in sulfamic acid by isotope dilution electro thermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  • Growth and characterization of sulphamic acid single crystals grown by  (SR) method
  • Comparative study on the use of sulfamic acid, sulfuric acid & hydrochloric acid as a descalants for brine heater & Heat recovery tubes
  • Chiral Olefins as Novel Ligands in Asymmetric Synthesis and the Development of Water and Ammonia Equivalents in Iridium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitution
  • Chlorosulphonic acid catalyzed highly efficient solvent-free Synthesis of 14- aryl- 14H-dibenzo [a, j] xanthenes derivatives under microwave irradiation
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Electrode position of Thin Films and Multilayer on Silicon
  • Method for the analysis of N -Nitrosoglyphosate
  • A new method for concentration of proteins in the calcareous corpuscles separated from the spargana of Spirometra erinacei
  • Studies of U(IV) oxidation kinetics in nitric acid and TBP phases
  • Studies on the role of sulfamic acid as a desalant in Desalination plants
  • Chemical Dentrification of nitrate from ground water via sulfamic acid & Zinc metal
  • Deposition of Ru-106 and I-125 on silver by internal electrolysis
  • Ferric Hydrogen sulfate Catalyzed Synthesis of Aryl 14H-Dibenzo[a,j]xanthene Derivatives under Thermal and Solvent-Free Conditions
  • Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode in Microbial Media
  • Dissolution of plutonium metal in sulfamic acid at elevated temperatures
  • Spectrophotometer Method for Determination of Tryptophan in Protein Hydrolysates
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