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  • Trap rock is a form of plutonic igneous rock that tends to form polygonal vertical fractures, most typically hexagonal, but also four to eight sided.
  • Trap rock is the primary constituent of many ridges and other rock outcrops in the Hudson River valley, such as the Palisades, and southern New England.
  • Traprock - term widely used by quarry operators and their clients for basalt and coarser ("microphaneritic") rocks.
  • Basalt is an aphanitic igneous rock that, with a petrographic microscope, can be seen to consist largely of a dark colored pyroxene and a light to medium dark colored plagioclase feldspar with or without minor amounts of glass.
  • Traprock, granite and sandstone soils retain little moisture.
  • Trap rock is commercially quarried and crushed to provide hard bulk in composite materials that bond it together, such as concrete and macadam.
  • Slightly coarser old sheets of basalt, now partially altered but still dark in color, are extensively quarried, crushed, and sold as "traprock".
  • A special attention in study of traps is paid for methods of investigation of a magnetic field as well as direct study of magnetic parameters of trap rock samples such as natural remanent magnetization (In), magnetic perception, KennisbergŠs factor (Qn), declination (D), inclination (J).
  • Dresser Traprock is not friendly to jaw crushers or cone crushers used to bring the mined rock into marketable products. Its extreme hardness resists fragmentation and in turn, that means the crusher's parts directly exposed to the rock during the crushing process need to withstand repeated severe impacts.
  • Some soils derived from traprock have hard-setting surfaces.
  • In crushed aggregate form, trap rock's gray color dominates; as boulders, it displays subtle hues of gray, blue, red, pink and purple. As a result, the aesthetic value of trap rock in decorative applications applies equally to landscaping as well as ground cover.
  • The estimated U.S. output of aggregates sold or used in the first quarter of 2006 increased in eight of nine geographic divisions and remained unchanged in the ninth division. The largest increases were recorded in the New England (14.4 percent), the Mountain (10.9 percent), and the Middle Atlantic (10.8 percent) divisions, according to the report.
General Information
  • About Basalt
  • Basalt Powder & Fiber (Trap Rock)
  • Dimension Stone
  • A Closer Look at Rocks
  • Trap Rock

Quarrying Company

  • Company from New Jersey
  • New Jersey Company
  • Company from Ontario
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Wisconsin
  • US Company from Connecticut

Commodity Report

  • Trap Rock Commodity report in 2004
  • Trap Rock Commodity report in 2005
  • Trap Rock Commodity report in 2006
  • Trap Rock Commodity report in 2007
  • Trap Rock Commodity report in 2008


  • Trap Rock Production in 2002
  • Trap Rock Production in 2003
  • Trap Rock Production in 2004
  • Trap Rock Production in 2005
  • Trap Rock Production in 2006


  • Empirical methods to estimate the strength of jointed rock masses
  • Features of Magnetic Model Trap formation of Volyn
  • Dresser Traprock isn't easy to mine, but the market makes it worth the effort
  • Pasture for the traprock, sandstone and dry granite country-south-east Darling Downs
  • A Study of Seismic Attenuation in Basalt Using VSP data from a Faroe island Borehole
  • Stone Quarrying
  • Sub clover-for granite and traprock soils
  • Land Inventory of the Granite and Traprock Areas, South East QLD (GRT)


  • Manufacturing Sand for Concrete from Trap Rock in the USA
  • Dissolution of olivine in basaltic liquids: experimental observations and application
  • Experimental Crystallization of Fe-Rich basalt : Application to cooling rate and oxygen fugacity of nakhlite mil
  • Trap rock aggregate for floor construction
  • The Art of Quality Chip Seals

Consultant & Project
  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Chicago
  • Consultant from Kansas
  • Consultant from Texas
  • Consultant from USA
  • Traprock Hazard Reduction Project
  • Iron Mountain Trap Rock
  • Lafarge - Graniteville Trap Rock Quarry
  • Determination of Planetary Basalt Parentage: A Simple Technique Using Electron Microscope
  • Imaging sub-basalt structures using converted waves
  • Imaging Sub-Basalt Sediments Using Marine Electromagnetic Sounding
  • Free Energy of Adhesion of Nitrifying Bacteria to Limestone and Basalt
  • Microbial Reduction of Cr6+ on Mineral Surfaces in Columbia Basalt Rocks: A Synchrotron FTIR Study

Material Safety Data Sheet & Product

  • CPD Floor Hardener Pre-Mix (Premium)
  • Nepheline Basalt
  • Trap Rock
  • Green Stone
  • Flexdeck System
  • Surflex TRŪ


  • Cementitious Material
  • Concrete Topping Spreader System
  • Dual Layer Shingle
  • Fire Retardant Plastic Construction Material
  • Inorganic Cementitious Material

Market & Report

  • Aggregates Still in Great Demand
  • Feasibility study and market Assessment for Armour stone in Newfoundland and labrador
  • Annual Price Agreement and Specifications for Coverstone Trap Rock Street Material
  • CNG cylinder manufacturers test basalt fibre
  • Dresser Trap Rock: Two Billion Years of History
  • Geology of Connecticut Soil, Rock and Minerals


  • Suppliers of Trap Rock
  • Basalt Selling Leads
  • Basalt Supplier
  • Basalt Manufacturer / Suppliers
  • Basalt Exporters

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