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  • Uranyl nitrate is a water soluble yellow uranium salt. The yellow-green crystals of uranium nitrate hexahydrate are triboluminescent.
  • Uranyl nitrate can be prepared by reaction of uranium salts with nitric acid. It is soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, and ether, but not in benzene toluene or chloroform
  • Along with uranyl acetate it is used as a negative stain for viruses in electron microscopy; in tissue samples it stabilizes nucleic acids and cell membranes.
  • Uranyl nitrate was used to fuel Aqueous Homogeneous Reactors in the 1950s. However it proved too corrosive in this application.
  • Uranyl nitrate is important for nuclear reprocessing; it is the compound of uranium that results from dissolving the decladded spent nuclear fuel rods or yellowcake in nitric acid, for further separation and preparation of uranium hexafluoride for isotope separation for preparing of enriched uranium.
  • Uranyl nitrate is usually used as an electron dense stain for transmission electron microscopy.
  • However, it has also found application as 0.01% aqueous solution as a as a local catalyst in the polymerization of methacrylates.
  • Objectives Of  Uranyl Nitrate - Improve the recoveries of Pu & U and decontamination factors, Reduce the waste volume generation, Reduce the number of cycles, Recover nuclides of commercial value, Separate long lived actinides and fission products to reduce environmental hazard, Develop alternate extractants
  • Among all the uranyl salts, uranyl nitrate is probably the most studied. Large crystals of uranyl nitrate hexahydrate,
    UO2(NO3)2 z 6H2O, can be readily obtained by drying an acidic solution containing nitrate and uranyl ions. The crystal has unusual spectroscopic properties. When it is cooled by liquid nitrogen, it emits-ashes of green light. This unusual luminescence can be easily observed in a darkroom.
  • They are Strong oxidizing Agent and RadioActive Material
  • They Belong to the following Reactive Groups such as Inorganic Oxidizing Agents and Water
  • Bis(nitrato-O)dioxouranium. A compound used in photography
General Information
  • Intoduction And Uses Of Uranyl Nitrate
  • Physical Properties of Uranyl Nitrate Solution


  • Uranyl Nitrate, SPI-Chemô Brand
  • Cameo Chemicals
  • Chemical Properties
  • Structure of the Product


  • Material Safety Data Sheet Uranyl nitrate hexahydrate
  • MSDS"Your Safer Source for Science Supplies"
  • Material Safety Data Sheet for Uranyl Nitrate Generated by ChemBase
  • Physical Constants Of Uranyl Nitrate
  • Material Safety Data Sheet CCS-1
  • Material Safety Data Sheet For N/I
  • MSDS for UO2(NO3)2.6H2O
  • Uranyl Nitrate 1% Aqueous
  • MSDS for Uranyl Nitrate 4512


  • Effects
  • Hazards
  • Health Effects
  • Radionuclide Safety Data Sheet
  • Uranium natural Radionuclide Safety Data sheet

Manufacturing Process

  • Study On the Denitration Process Of Uranyl Nitrate Solution By Microwave Heating
  • Precipitation/ Crystallization/ Sorption Processes
  • Extraction Of Uranyl Nitrate With TOA  From Aqueous Solutions
  • Production Of Yellow Cake And Uranium Fluorides
  • Fernald Feed Materials Production Center


  • Electrodialytic Conversion Of Uranyl Nitrate to Uranic Fluoride Salts
  • Catalytic Reduction Of Uranyl Nitrate
  • Reprocessing
Company Profiles And Consultants
  • Company Of Florida
  • Company Of US
  • Company Of USA
  • Company Of Washington
  • Company Of India Consultants


  • Synthesis of uranium oxides by Complex Sol-Gel Processses(CSGP)
  • Characterization and Crystal Structure
  • Synthesis and Frame Work Structure that contains Channels
  • Analysis of High
    Enriched Uranyl Nitrate
    Solution Containing
  • Analysis of Enriched
    Uranyl Nitrate in Nested
    Annular Tank Array
  • Studies Of Uranium Poisoning
  • Unusual luminescence from uranyl nitrate
  • Uranyl Nitrate Induced Polyuric AcuteTubular Necrosis in Rats


  • Process for obtaining uranium trioxide by direct thermal denitration of uranyl nitrate
  • Uranyl nitrate pouring solution for producing nuclear fuel particles and a method for its preparation
  • Method for photochemical reduction of uranyl nitrate by tri-N-butyl phosphate and application of this method to nuclear fuel reprocessing
  • Method of preparing feedstock liquid, method of preparing uranyl nitrate solution, and method of preparing polyvinyl alcohol solution
  • Process for the determination of iodine in low concentration in a nitrate solution, particularly a uranyl nitrate solution


  • Suppliers Of Uranyl Nitrate
  • Manufacturers Of Uranyl Nitrate
  • Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate 13520-83-7 Suppliers List
  • Dealers OF Uranyl Nitrate
  • Refine Suppliers of Uranyl Nitrate


  • Safety Benchmark Experiment
  • Sub-Critical Pulsed Neutron Experiments
  • Analysis For Uranyl Nitrate Solutions
  • Uranyl Nitrate Flow Loop


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