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  • Set-top box is a device that enables a television set to become a user interface to the Internet and also enables a television set to receive and decode digital television (DTV) broadcasts.
  • DTV set-top boxes are sometimes called receivers. A set-top box is necessary to television viewers who wish to use their current analog television sets to receive digital broadcasts.
  • It is estimated that 35 million homes will use digital set-top boxes by the end of 2006, the estimated year ending the transition to DTV.
  • More sophisticated set-top boxes contain a hard drive for storing recorded television broadcasts, for downloaded software, and for other applications provided by your DTV service provider.
  • Most silicon, including the silicon typically used in set-top boxes, is shipped with some version of Linux.
  • Digital television set-top boxes are used for satellite, cable, and terrestrial DTV services.
  •  A set-top box price ranges from $100 for basic features to over $1,000 for a more sophisticated box.
  • In IPTV networks, the set-top box is a small computer providing two-way communications on an IP network, and decoding the video streaming media.
  • Place STB on a stable surface. The surface must support the size and weight of the set-top.
  • To better understand cable/satellite STB energy consumption, measured the AC power used by 22 of the newest cable and satellite STBs, including HD boxes and DVR-tuner combination units.
  • One STB today can consume 200 kWh or more per year.
  • Proprietary environments from OpenTV, PowerTV, and others have also been deployed on a variety of set-top boxes.
  • The short smart card, patented by NDS,which is very successful in preventing smart card theft from pay-TV set-top boxes used in retailers' displays and public places.
  • Next-generation set-top boxes will enable full interactivity based on Java TV technologies.
  • One analyst estimates that the worldwide multifunction cable/satellite market will grow 59 percent annually until 2008 at which point: 71.5 million units will be in use worldwide.
  • Leading chipset suppliers are Broadcom, Conexant, Intel,ST Microelectronics, Zoran Technologies.
About STB
  • Set-Top Box
  • Block Diagram
  • Set-Top Boxes-Overview
  • Using Remote Control
  • System Architecture
  • Breaking Open
Design and Testing
  • DVB-Satellite Reference
  • HW and SW Specification
  • Designing IPTV Set-top Boxes
  • Sigma Designs
  • Sony CXD1959
  • Demand Less Risk
  • Fairchild's STD Design Guide
  • DVB-IF-Down Converter
  • Signal Processing
  • Askey Automates Testing
  • Manufacturing Test
  • Set-Top Box Testing
  • MPEG-2 Decoder
  • IPTV Quality Testing
Products and Price
  • ATSC Receiver
  • High Performance STB Decoder
  • Kreatel IP-STB
  • AB-54 Set Top Box
  • AB-55 Set Top Box
  • Highly Versatile HDTV
  • Digital Cable Set-Top Box
  • Digital STB-Australia
  • Free-To-Air Digital
  • Freeview Set-top boxes
  • H.264 IP
  • MPEG-2
  • 2006 Product Brochure
  • Integrated Controller
  • Product Comparison Table-China
  • Price Comparison
  • Hdtv Set Top Box-Price

Opportunities and Technology

  • Cable and Satellite
  • Efficiency Opportunities
  • DG2L Technologies
  • AR7 DSL Set-Top Box
  • Broadband/DSL Technology
  • Xilinx
  • Bluetooth
  • i3 Micro Technology
  • Wyse Technology
  • Interactive Services
  • IP Set Top Boxes
  • Second Generation
  • Smart Card Personalization
  • Java Technology
Set-Up, Installation, Safety and User Guide
  • Set-Top/VCR Setup
  • TIVO Series II box
  • Data Management
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Digital Cable-Installation Guide
  • DIRECTV-Installer Information
  • Digital Set-Top Box-User's Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Digital Interactive Set-Top
  • Digital Satellite Set-top box
  • For STB Developer
  • How to Use Dual STB
  • ESD Protection
  • Votalge and Current Protection
  • xCP


  • Home Media Applications
  • Video Compression
  • Multifunctional
  • Broadband Multimedia
  • Next Generation
  • Snapshot
  • Video Browsing
Press Release
  • ESS Technology
  • Dolby Digital Decoding
  • Thomson Demonstrates

Report and Review

  • AiTV-Ruel's Review
  • ESS Technology-Annual Report
  • SarnoffSmart Program
  • SoC Design Methodology
  • Chips Design
  • Rambus Patents
  • Set-Top System Survey
Market Competition
  • Set-Top Box Market
  • Opening Set-Top Box Market
  • Competition Spurs
  • Digital TV-Europe
  • Cable TV-China
  • STB Solutions
  • Trends-U.S
  • Mainland China-Exports
Manufacturers or Suppliers
  • Providers Link
  • Aonvision Technology
  • Buying Leads
  • Eagle Broadband
  • Pace Micro Technology
  • Goodmans
  • Humax
  • Myrio Corporation
  • Amphenol-Smart Card Connectors
  • Zoran Corporation
  • Broadcom Corporation
  • Conexant
Company Overview
  • Motorola Broadband
  • China-Profiles
  • China Sourcing Reports
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Semiconductor Industry's Role

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