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  •  Early smart cards were disposable, and were an effective means to reduce losses.Today’s smart cards are re-usable, hold large quantities of data, speed transaction
    times, identify the cardholder, and even provide loyalty benefits.
  • While smart cards can be categorized using several different parameters, the two most feasible methods are by functional use (contact vs. contactless) and by chip hierarchy.
  • The category of chip hierarchy refers to the method in which the chip (within the smart card) is constructed, and the resulting capabilities of that chip.
  •  SIM (Subscriber Identification Module): A specific type of smart card for GSM systems holding the subscriber’s ID number, thus
    allowing him/her to call from any GSM device.
  • The major card associations have collaborated to develop the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standard, a mechanism by which the payments industry is seeking to ensure that cards, terminals and other systems will successfully interact, for debit and credit applications at least, wherever they are in the world.
  • A smart card must be programmed with an operating system (often called a mask) before it can be
    loaded with applications, in much the same way as a PC needs Windows or Linux before it can run
    applications and have any utility for users.
  • Smart Card Management Systems (SCMS) manage cards and applications throughout their entire life cycle, before and after issue to customers.
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  • Introduction to Smart Cards
  • Benefits of Smart Cards
  • About Smart Cards
  • FAQ
  • Multimedia Cards

Contact less Cards

  • Contact less, Microprocessor-based Smart Cards

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  • Smart Card Industry Leader
  • Technology Company Profile
  • Leading imprinter manufacturer
  • Custom Card Printer
  • Microcontrollers
  • Mini Imprinters
  • Unified Badge
  • Supplies for Card Issuance
  • Data Systems Company
  • Card Personalization
  • Photo ID Systems
  • Smart Card Technologies
  • EMV Compliant Products
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Magnetic Strip Reader
  • Magnetic Strips & Smart Card Specifications
  • Card Reading Solutions
  • Contact less Cards
  • Universal Secure Access Cards
  • Printers for Plastic Cards
  • Smart Card Integrater
  • Capture technologies
  • Directory of Companies


  • White Paper on Smart Cards
  • Mobile telecommunications
    Brochures, flyers and related documents
  • Planning for EMV Migration
  • Security Concerns
  • The GSM System
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Attacks

Technologies & Consultants

  • Technology Transfers
  • Manufacturing of Smart Cards
  • Production Technology
  • Interoperability and Card Printing
  • Top technology Company
  • International Technology Group
  • Patents for Licensing
  • Brand Protection
  • Chip Solutions
  • Telecom technology Offer
  • SIM Industry Experts
  • EMV Consultancy Services
  • Card System Provider
  • Complete Card Solutions
  • Card Embedding Services
  • Consultancy Offer on Standards compliance, Interoperability, Security & Device integration.
  • Cryptography Research
  • Magnetic Strip Reader
  • EMV Migration Guide
  • Card Reader & Writer Manual
  • Company manufacturing ePassports

Markets & Standards

  • Company Performance Report
  • EMV Compliance
  • About ISO 14443 -  Contact less Cards
  • J2ME JavaCard Security
  • Testing Smart Card Applications
  • Smart Card Technology Resource Centre
  • Smart Card usage in Driving License - India
  • Open Smart Card Infrastructure for Europe
  • ePassports
  • ePassports - Japan
  • ePassports - Singapore
  • Electronic Purse
  • Smart KeyFob
  • RFID
  • Biometric Systems
  • International Network
  • Industry Perspective
  • USA Market
  • Australian Market
  • Batteries

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