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  • Geochelone Elegans (Indian Star Tortoise) is a close relative of the large Leopard Tortoise (Geochelone Pardalis). The Indian Star Tortoise can be found in Ceylon and peninsular India. It can also be found westward near Sind. It has also been spotted on the islands of Karaduva and Ramaswaran.
  • Indian Star Tortoises – Geochelone elegans,  From Indian subcontinent, Does not hibernate, 100% herbivorous diet, From dry grassland habitats, Does not tolerate damp or cold, but does enjoy warm rainfall periodically, Requires extensive outdoor and indoor accommodation, Regular soaking or constant access to
    water recommended.
  • Star tortoises inhabit a semi-arid scrub forests, grasslands, and deserts.  The star pattern on the shell blends especially well with tufts of grass, serving as a form of camouflage  

  • Turtle Conservation and Ecology Project center presently holds about 200 turtles, representing 17 species native to Vietnam. An area of approximately 2,800 square meters is dedicated to holding facilities, including enclosures suitable for both aquatic and terrestrial turtles.

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  • Star Tortoise - Geochelone elegans
  • Radiated Tortoise - Description
  • Indian star tortoise - Description
  • Star Tortoise - Image
  • Geochelone Elegans  - Indian Star Tortoise
  • Radiated Tortoise - Taxonomy
  • World’s Top 25 Most Endangered Turtles
  • Indian Star tortoises

Conservation and Protection

  • Global Action Plan for Conservation of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles
  • Trade in Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles in Asia
  • Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc.
  • Newsletter of Chelonian Conservationists and Biologists
  • Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
  • Turtles of the world

Trade leads

  • Buyers and Sellers - China
  • Trade of Indian Star Tortoises
  • Importation of the Star Tortoise
  • Trade in Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles in Asia
  • Indian star tortoises - Imports and Shipment
  • Japan's trade in live freshwater turtles and tortoises as pets
  • The Radiated Tortoise in Southern Madagascar
  • Turtle Trade from the United States
Organization and Workshops
  • Turtle Survival Alliance - Workshop in Hong Kong
  • Evaluating the Impact of the Trade in  Amphibians and Reptiles on Wild Populations
  • Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
  • National Association for Interpretation Wildlife and Education Expedition
  • IUCN/SSC Wildlife Trade Programme
  • Turtles and Tortoises in Myanmar - California Society 
  • Investment Opportunities in Biodiversity Conservation
  • Shell shocking News

Habitat and Distribution of Star Tortoise

  • Star Tortoise - Habitat, distribution and status
  • Star tortoise - Distribution and local variation
  • Star Tortoise - Care Sheet
  • Management of Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises

Breeding Technologies, Risk Factors, Preventive Measures and Regulatory Issues.

  • Star tortoises - Breeding
  • Star Tortoise - Genetic Diversity
  • Ayeyarwady Trading Co.
  • Star tortoise smuggling
  • Star Tortoises rescued - The Hindu
  • Control over the possession, Trade and movement of declared pest animals
  • Bermuda Customs Tariff 2002
  • Turtle Conservation - Vietnam

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