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  • DIMETHYL DISULFIDE is a colorless oily liquid with a garlic-like odor. Denser than water and slightly soluble in water. Vapors heavier than air. May irritate skin and eyes. Used to make other chemicals.
  • Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) is a soil fumigant . DMDS can occur naturally in soil, wetlands, oceans and outdoor air, and plays a role in the global sulfur cycle. DMDS is also naturally produced by some plants,including certain food crops, and can be present in certain dairy products. In the United States and Europe, DMDS is an approved food additive used for flavoring.  
  • Prior to planting, DMDS can be either injected beneath the soil surface with specialized
    application equipment or applied to the soil surface through a drip irrigation line
  • The EPA concluded that DMDS fumigant is not likely to get into food crops. Because DMDS can
    damage crops, Paladin® is applied prior to planting.
  • DMDS has a sulfurous odor similar to that of garlic and decaying fish. Because of the distinctive
    odor of sulfur compounds, similar to DMDS, they are often added to natural gas and propane to
    warn of leaks and protect people.
  • Methyl disulfide is used as a solvent and pesticide intermediates, fuel and lubricating oil additives and Coking inhibitor for ethylene cracking furnace and oil refining equipment etc.
  • DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) is the most common compound used for hydrocracking catalysts sulfiding in refineries.
  • DMDS is used in the preparation of 4-(methylthio)phenol which is used in the production of various pesticides.
  • Dimethyl disulfide can be prepared by the reaction between imethyl sulfate and sodium sulfide. under stirring, sulfur powder was added into sodium sulfide solution. The above reaction system was heated Up to 80-90℃, after reaction for 1 h, cooled to about 30 ℃. Dimethyl sulfate was dropped into the reaction system and the reaction was continued for 2h. Then, distillation, stratification, Separating waste alkali liquor, then through distillation and final products are prepared.
  • In industry,dimethyl sulfate method is adopted to synthesize dimethyl disulfide.Solid sodium sulfide and water are dropped into the reaction kettle , heated , temperature is controlled in the range of the of 50 ~60 ℃, dissolving sodium sulfide, adding equimolar sulfur, remaining the temperature for 1h, cooling to 45℃, dripping dimethyl sulfate into the reaction kettle, remaining the temperature for 1h, then through distillation dimethyl sulfate can be prepared.
  • Petrochemicals and agriculture being the major areas of application, the global DMDS market has immense potential opportunity to expand very well
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  • Determination of Dimethyl Disulfide Content
  • Method to develope for quantification of total reduced
    sulfur compounds in liquid matrices
  • Removal of Dimethyl Sulfide in Ceramic Biofilters
  • Determination of DMDS from Sorbent Charcoal tubes
  • Microbial consumption and production of dimethyl
    sulfide (DMS) in the Labrador Sea


  • Process for production of dimethyl disulfide from hydrogen sulfide-containing gas
  • Process for preparing dimethyl disulfide
  • Process for synthesis of high purity dimethyl
    disulfide and methane-sulfonic acid without
    three wastes
  • Synthetic technology for high purity dimethyl disulde
    and methane sulfonic acid without three waste - Patent

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