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  • Micro encapsulation is a process of enclosing micron sized particles of solids or droplets of liquids or gasses in an inert shell, which in turn isolates and protects them from the external environment
  • Mononuclear microcapsules contain the shell around the core, while polynuclear capsules have many cores enclosed within the shell. In matrix encapsulation, the core material is distributed homogeneously into the shell material
  • Spinning disk is a highly versatile encapsulation process used to prepare matrix morphology and over coated particles
  • Chemical encapsulation techniques typically yield particle dispersions that can be used as is or post-processed by other methods, such as spinning disk, spray drying or fluid bed to produce free-flowing powders.
  • Using their extensive expertise in diverse technical fields such as pharmaceuticals, food and nutrition, polymer and materials
    science, and process engineering, encapsulation specialists solve product stability, release and application problems in a wide range of industries.
Micro encapsulation
  • Process, Techniques and Applications
  • Technology -  Review
  • Technology Analyzed

Project Information

  • Synthesize microcapsules using Dicyclopentadine and Sodium Silicate
  • Know-how and feasibility studies Offer for the micro encapsulation of
    environmentally sensitive polymer additives
  • Self-Healing Concrete :: know-how from University
  • Technology source - Texas


  • Flavouring Microcapsules
  • Micro device encapsulation
  • Crack resistant Cement
  • Micro-encapsulated Iron
  • Micro encapsulation of hydrocarbons & Chemicals

Applications  & Technologies

  • Silica Microcapsules - Medicament of Root Canal Infection
  • Microencapsulated additives in functional textile
  • The curative textiles
  • Functional Coatings
  • Self-Healing anticorrosive coatings
  • Probiotic encapsulation technology
  • Application in Liquid Crystal Technology


  • Micro encapsulation and Controlled Release
  • Pioneers in Micro encapsulation
  • Company - coating materials
  • Scented Fragrance Inserts

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