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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Electroplating is the process of applying a very thin layer of precious metal over a piece of jewelry by electro-chemical deposition
  • The cyanide and ferrous cyanide solutions are used in practice for gold plating.
  • Metal deposits produced from cyanide plating solutions are finer grained than those plated from an acidic solution
  • The traditional baths employed for soft gold as well as hard gold plating contain the cyanide complex as the source of gold, which release free cyanide ions during the plating. Those
    compounds are very toxic, and formation and maintenance of cyanide baths is expensive and risky for technical personnel; also, they attack photo resists used to delineate circuit patterns and bonding pads.
  • Non-cyanide plating solutions eliminate cyanide from rinse water and sludge generated during waste treatment of the rinse water
  • Technology options and alternate plating solutions have been found and being followed to get approval from environment conscious Government Departments
Basic Information
  • About Electroplating
  • Gold & Silver Plating
Companies & Products
  • Performance chemicals
Project Information
  • Non-cyanide decorative Gold Plating - project brief
  • Preparation of Non-Cyanide electrolyte for Gold Plating
  • Gold plating of Jewelry
  • Non-Cyanide Alkaline Silver Plating
  • Gold Electro deposition of Electronic Parts
  • Auto-catalytic gold plating process
  • Alkaline Cyanide-Free Zinc Plating Process
  • Gold Plating Equipments
  • Gold Plating Equipment suppliers - links
  • Decorative Gold Plating Solution
  • Hard Gold Plating Solution
  • Plating Kit
Technology Information
  • Non-Cyanide Electrolytes for Gold Plating
  • Electro deposition of Gold
  • Technology Offer
  • Technology source Japan
  • Quality
  • Reduction of gold plating thickness
  • Environmental Process developments for Decorative Electroplating


  • Non-Cyanide electroplating solution for gold or alloys
  • Displacement Gold Plating Solution
Industry Scenario
  • Jewelry and Jewelry Sales
  • Cleaner Electroplating
  • Managing Cyanide in Metal Finishing
  • Electroless Gold Plating Bath
  • Technology up gradation scheme

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