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  • Actinium is a radioactive chemical element with atomic number is 89 and it symbol Ac.
  • The chemical behaviour of actinium is similar to that of the rare earths, particularly lanthanum.
  • Although actinium is present in the earth's crust and it is found in only trace amounts. It is one of the ten rarest elements.
  • Actinium glows in the dark as it is so highly radioactive. The glow emitted by actinium is bluish in color.
  • A high purity, carrier-free Th was also obtained from the actinium using a similar anion exchange in nitric acid.
  • After the radium was separated, actinium and thorium were then eluted from the column and dried for interim storage.
  • It also produces a number of isotopes which have some research applications as well.
  • An isotope of actinium can also be used to bombard bismuth to produce some interesting reactions, and this isotope is also used in nuclear medicine.
  • Actinium can be produced, within a nuclear reactor, by bombarding uranium with neutrons.
  • When compared to radium actinium is 150 time more radio active element.
  • Actinum's current applications include a neutron source and an agent for radiation therapy targeting cancer cells in the body.
  • Actinium
  • Actinium-227
  • Actinium advances armed cancer drugs, preps for wall street debut
  • General information of actinium
  • Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum and Actinium


  • Msds for Actinium


  • Actinium to Nobelium
  • Separation of the alpha-emitting radioisotopes actinium


  • Bifunctional chelating agent for actinium
  • Actinium-225 complexes & conjugates for targeted radiotherapy
  • Liposomal encapsulation of chelated actinium
  • Method for producing actinium & bismuth
  • Method of producing actinium & daughters
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from USA

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  • Company from New York


  • Actinium pharmaceuticals announces first place for actimab
  • Actinium pharmaceuticals
    clinical advisory board
  • Actinium developing novel anticancer
  • Actinium Pharmaceuticals


  • Report of actinium


  • Sterically stabilized liposomes as a carrier for alpha emitting radium & actinium
  • Medical actinium for therapeutic treatment
  • Thorium and actinium polyphosphonate compounds
  • Actinium


  • Alpha-particle emitting atomic generator
  • Discovery of the actinium
  • Mixed valency of the rare earth and actinium ions
  • The release of dissolved actinium to the ocean
  • Internal irradiation with -Particle–emitting actinium

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