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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Activated carbon is a black solid substance resembling granular or powdered charcoal. It is extremely porous with a large surface area, and typically produced from organic precursors such as bamboo, coconut shells, palm-kernel shells, wood chips, sawdust, corncob and seeds
  • Activated carbon can also be produced from Coal combustion Fly Ash
  • The use of carbon derived from fly ash as an adsorbent for waste water treatment and its use as filler for rubber industry has been established
  • Recycling of Fly ash is done by three different processes: Triboelectrostatic Separation, Ultrasonic column agglomeration, and Column flotation
  • According to reputed consultants, World demand for activated carbon will rise 10.3 percent annually through 2016 to 1.9 million metric tons. Gains will be driven mainly by more government controls on power plant and factory emissions in the US and China , India and Japan
  • Cyclonic static micro bubble flotation column technique is effective in removing the unburned carbon from the fly ash
  • Technology for removing unburned carbon from fly ash is based upon fluid air jet autogenously grinding and simultaneous air classification using standard commercially-available jet mill equipment
  • Carbon Separation, Purification technology has been designed to recover high purity, high margin carbon products from fly ash/carbon mixtures for use as sorbets, pigments, fillers, fuel additives, and other applications currently utilizing primary carbon grades


Basic Information
  • Fly Ash Utilization
  • Activated Carbon
  • Coal Combustion Products
  • Indian fly-ash: production and consumption
Fly Ash Activation
  • Alkaline Activation
  • Activation of Indian Fly Ash
  • Alkali-Activated Fly Ash Geopolymer
Activated Carbon from Fly Ash
  • Preparation of activated carbon from fly ash
  • Saudi Arabian fly ash
  • Steam Activation System
  • Biologically Activated Carbon
  • Fly Ash Carbon
  • Fly Ash carbon for activation
  • Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from South African coal and coal fly ash
  • Activated Carbon from unburnt carbon in Fly Ash
  • Activated carbon obtained
    from unburnt carbon in coal fly ashes
Companies & Products
  • Coal based activated carbon
  • Company Presentation
  • Palletized activated
    carbons from a high grade metallurgical coal
  • Carbon, Ash Separation
  • Company - Technology
  • Rocktron
  • Fly Ash Based Geo-Polymer
  • Air-cured Alkali activated
    GGBFS-Fly ash concrete mixes
  • Activated Fly Ash to remove Dyes
  • Fly ash Stabilized Recycled Base Material
  • Eosin dye removal
  • Geopolymers
  • Highway Road Construction
Carbon Content
  • Determining the unburnt Carbon content in Fly Ash
  • Determination of Carbon in Fly-Ash


  • Method of removing carbon from Fly Ash
  • System & Processing for preparing active carbon from coal fly ash

Technology sources

  • Techniques for Fly Ash Beneficiation
  • Activated Carbon Technology
  • Triboelectrostatic Fly Ash Beneficiation
  • Carbon burn out Technology
  • Flotation column for removal of unburned carbon from coal fly ash
  • The conversion of fly ash into Zeolites
  • Activated Carbon from Oil Fly Ash
  • Automated Fly Ash Beneficiation process
  • Fly Ash Carbon Treatment
  • The preparation of activated carbon from coal
  • Coal-based magnetically activated carbon
  • Staged Turbulent Air Reactor Process
  • Separation and Characterization of Unburned Carbon
  • Separation system
  • Fly Ash Derived Sorbents to Capture CO2 from Flue Gas of Power Plants
  • Beneficiation Process
  • Coal Gasification Ash

Project Information

  • Project Details
  • Ash Classification Equipments
  • Commercial fly ash beneficiation systems
  • Complete licensing and equipment package including ash testing, process optimization
  • Fly Ash Separation system
  • Fly Ash solution provider
  • Consultancy

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