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  • Anaerobic adhesive, a bonding agent that does not cure in the presence of air.
  • Anaerobic adhesives are advanced bonding agents for special applications.
  • Anaerobic adhesives designed for fastening and sealing applications in which a tight seal must be formed without light, heat or oxygen.
  • Anaerobic adhesives were made  by aeration of a polyethylene glycol dimethacrylate.
  • The basic element in anaerobic adhesive is a monomer from the acrylic family, which combines chemically to form a polymer or group of molecules.
  • Anaerobic Adhesives remain liquid until isolated from oxygen in the presence of metal ions, such as iron or copper.
  • Anaerobic Adhesives are used as threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining materials and flange sealants.
  • Anaerobic adhesives are mixtures of acrylic esters that remain liquid when exposed to air but harden when confined between metal surfaces.
  • Anaerobic is an adjective used in biology for organisms which can live on in the oxygen-less environment.
  • Anaerobic adhesives and anaerobic sealants use many different chemical and polymer systems.
  • Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Anaerobic Adhesives Information
  • Basics on Anaerobic Adhesives and Threadlockers
  • Anaerobic Retaining Compound
  • Anaerobic adhesives greatly improve the reliability of cylindrical assembles
  • Performance Additive as a Rheology Modifier For Anaerobic Adhesives And Sealants
  • Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants
  • Thread locker Anaerobic Adhesives
Technical Data
  • Anaerobic Adhesive Activators
  • Anaerobic Adhesive and Sealant - Medium Strength
  • Anaerobic Adhesive – High Strength
  • Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Accelerator for Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Technical Data Sheet


  • Adhesive R&D 42 Blue
  • Adhesive R&D 09 Green
  • Adhesive R&D 22 Purple
  • Adhesive R&D 71 Red
  • Anaerobic Adhesive/ Sealant
  • S90 Sealant
  • Anaerobic Threadlocker (TL81)
  • Anaerobic Threadlocker (TL86)


  • Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealant Compositions in Film
  • Anaerobic Curing Adhesive Compositions
  • Stabilized Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Structural Anaerobic Adhesives Compositions
  • Anaerobic Adhesives and Sheet

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  • Automotive Aftermarket
    Adhesive and Sealants Guide
  • A Guide to Threadlocking Adhesives


  • Anaerobic Adhesive and Sealant
  • Study on Heat Resistance Anaerobic Adhesive
  • Cyberbond–Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants
  • High Performance Anaerobic Adhesives/Sealants Threadlocking, Threadsealing, Retaining, Gasketing


  • Applications Success for Threadlocking, Sealing, Retaining, and Gasketing
  • Advanced Adhesives for Medical Applications
  • Primer for Anaerobic Adhesives


  • Asce Products List
  • Adhesive Products Catalog
  • Product Data Sheet
  • PRIMER F (For Anaerobic Adhesives)

Manufacturing process

  • Anaerobic Adhesives in the Manufacturing Process

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