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  •  Berkelium is a transuranic radioactive chemical element with the     Symbol: Bk, Electron configuration: Rn 5f9 7s2, Boiling point: 709.8 įC, Atomic number: 97, Atomic mass: (247) g.mol -1, Electronic configuration: [Rn] 5f9 7s2.
  • Berkelium is an inner transition metal of the actinide series, located in period 7 of the periodic table, between curium and californium.
  •  It is named after the city of Berkeley, California.
  •  Berkelium is a silvery-white highly radioactive metal.
  • Berkelium metal is attacked by oxygen, steam and acids, but not by alkalis.
  •  Berkelium is harmful due to its radioactivity.
  •  Berkelium doesnít occur naturally, and has not been found in the earthís crust, so there is no reason to consider its environmental effects.
  • Berkelium-249 is used as a target material for the production of heavier actinides such as lawrencium-260. (4e).
  • Berkelium has no known biological role. It is toxic due to its radioactivity.
  • All isotopes of berkelium are radioactive.
  •  Berkelium is only found in nuclear facilities and nuclear research facilities.
  • There is currently no use for any isotope of berkelium outside of basic scientific research.
  • Chief Architect for Berkelium and Californium
  • Bk General Information
  • Rapid Bk-249 Analytical Protocol for Cf-252/Bk-249 Processing Campaigns
  • Retention and Elimination Of Berkelium-249-Californium-249
  • Scientists Discover Heavy New Element
  • Berkelium Sl
  • Superheavy element 117
  • Techniques of Preparation and Crystal Chemistry of Transuranic Chalcogenides and Pnictides


  • Extraction of Berkelium Values in the Tetravalent
  • Method of Separating Berkelium From Cerium
  • Method For The Recovery And Purification Of Berkelium


  • Berkelium
  • Finally a Fleeting Glimpse at "Stability"
  • Patricia Tana of the Nuclear
    Regulatory Commission
  • The Newest Superheavy in Town


  • All results for Berkelium Isotopes


  • Berkelium BK

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  • Company From Korea


  • Consultancy From New York


  • An Investigation of the Isotopes of Berkelium And Californium
  • Chemical Technology Division
  • The New Element Berkelium


  • Berkelium
  • Study of the Alpha Decay of 249Bk
  • Chemical Properties of Californium
  • Discovery of Isotopes of the Transuranium Elements with 93<=Z<=98
  • Energetic of 5f- and 4f-orbitals and 5f- and 4f-Elements similarity
  • Evaluation Of Thermal Neutron Cross-Sections and Resonance Integrals of Berkelium Isotopes
  • Reactor Production of 252Cf  and Transcurium Isotopes
  • The Sorption of Curium, Berkelium, Californium and Einsteinium on Cation Exchange Resin for Nitric Acid Solution


  • Research Articles

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