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  • Borax Pentahydrate is a white free flowing granular product containing 15% Boron as B.It is highly soluble without any residue. This property makes Borax Pentahydrate a
    versatile source of Boron in solid & liquid multi-micronutrient formulations, suspension fertilizers and also for direct application in soils.
  • Chemical name is Borax Pentahydrate,Borax 5 Mol,Di sodium tetraborate pentahydrate
  • Although borates were used in more than 300 applications, more than three-quarters of the world’s supply is sold into the following four end uses: ceramics, detergents, fertilizer, and glass.
  • Turkey has the largest production capacity of 48000 tons/year plant of Borax Pentahydrate
  • Argentina has another mining project producing borax pentahydrate
  • Chinese total annual demand of borax pentahydrate is abovt 350,000 tons, and the demand has increased year by year. Chinese borax pentahydrate production capacity is almost zero, the import volume from Turkey reaches 260,000t every year, so the market demand potential is Good
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  • Borax, Boric Acid & Boron

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  • Boron Mining Process
  • Dehydration of Borax Pentahydrate
  • Zinc Borate production process
  • Varnish applications
  • Wire drawing applications
  • Use of Boron Compounds as Binders

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  • Method of producing sodium tetraborate pentahydrate
  • Powdered abrasive cleaner comprising calcium carbonate and borax pentahydrate
  • Improvements to synthesis, Pharmaceutical compositions and use of sodium pentaborate pentahydrate
  • Nonaborate compositions and their preparation
  • Approved Patent Agents

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  • Boron Production & Use
  • Boron market profile
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