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  • Fructose, or fruit sugar, is a simple ketonic monosaccharide found in many plants, where it is often bonded to glucose to form the disaccharide sucrose. It is one of the three dietary monosaccharide, along with glucose and galactose
  • Commercially, fructose is frequently derived from sugar cane, sugar beets, and corn. Crystalline fructose is the monosaccharide, dried, ground, and of high purity.
  • The primary reason that fructose is used commercially in foods and beverages, besides its low cost, is its high relative sweetness. It is the sweetest of all naturally occurring carbohydrates
  • Fructose and HFS are not the same. Fructose is sweeter than sucrose so less is needed to achieve the same sweetness, offering calorie savings. Fructose has a low glycemic index and does not cause surges and dips in blood glucose levels. Pure
    crystalline fructose offers many functional benefits when added to a wide range of foods and beverages, improving product palatability and stability.
  • Pure crystalline fructose is a product of both the corn wet milling and sucrose industries. In the former, cornstarch is extracted from corn kernels and, in a series of processing steps, glucose is enzymatically transformed to fructose. In the latter, the disaccharide bond in sucrose is enzymatically hydrolyzed to liberate glucose and fructose. In both processes, the fructose is then crystallized, dried, milled to desired particle size and packaged. The crystalline product is brilliant white and very high purity.
  • Primary applications areas for crystalline fructose include dry mix beverages, low calorie products, flavoured water, still and
    carbonated beverages, sports and energy drinks, chocolate milk, breakfast cereals, baked goods, yogurt, fruit packs and confections
  • What is Fructose?
  • About Sucrose, HFCS, and Fructose
  • Sweeteners from starch
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  • Patent - Process for the preparation of Fructose

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