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  • Non-Explosive Demolition Agents are the one which can be used to demolish rock and concrete structures in dust and noise sensitive areas and
    places close to inhabited areas, natural gas lines, pipelines, roadways or other areas where the use of explosive would generate significant safety risk.
  • To use non-explosive demolition agents in
    demolition or quarrying, holes are to be drilled on the base rock according to drilling pattern supplied.. A thoroughly mixed non-explosive demolition agent and water is poured into the drill holes. Over the next few hours the slurry expands, cracking the rock in a pattern somewhat like the cracking that would occur from conventional explosives
  • Soundless chemical demolition agents (SCDAs) have proven to be viable substitutes for the use of explosives
  • SCDAs are powdery materials that will expand considerably when mixed with water. This expansion, when occurring under confinement, generates significant expansive pressures. These pressures are sufficient to break up rock and concrete when the SCDA is confined in a borehole or a series of boreholes
  • Non-explosive demolition agents consists usually of calcium oxides, silicon dioxide, and little other ingredients
  • The material used is generally environmentally
    friendly and can be disposed of as normal construction waste.
  • Shape memory alloys (SMAs) to split apart rock
    formations without explosives or hydraulics is another technology developed recently
  • When explosive are used for the demolition, it is
    known as Implosion. The various steps involved before the demolition process are surveying, removal of hazardous materials, preparation of demolition plan, stability report and the precautionary safety measures that to be taken are
  • In India these are extensively being used in natural stone quarrying industry, and termed as ever best method techno-economically because of its
    unique characteristics of application results. It is also being in use for applications like demolition of rock and concrete structures inside tunnels, heavy
    process plants, and for rock demolition in land development, boulder demolitions in road constructions, etc.
  • Patented technologies are available and the demolition agents are in the form of powder mixtures comprising quicklime, an alkali metal carbonate or bicarbonate, an organic base carbonate or bicarbonate or mixtures thereof, and either or both of hydroxycarboxylic acid or its salt and fluidization agent
  • The relatively high cost of SCDAs makes makes
    the SCDAís market very limited.
  • SCDAs were introduced early 1970s but failed to gain widespread adoption for selective removal of rock and concrete due to their proprietary nature and a lack of usage guidelines. Nearly 40 years later, the patents have expired, and a large number of competitive products have entered the market. These factors coupled with a heightened interest in their potential environmental benefits have greatly expanded their usage.
  • SCDAs are manufactured primarily in Japan, China, Russia, and some countries in Europe
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