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  • Dysprosium is a metallic chemical element in the lanthanide group of the periodic table of elements with the symbol Dy and atomic number 66.
  • Dysprosium and holmium have the highest magnetic strengths of the elements and especially at low temperatures.
  • It is a soft and silvery rare earth element used in nuclear research. It reacts with cold water and rapidly dissolves in acids.
  • It never encountered as the free element, but is found in many minerals and it has also been considered for use in diesel engine fuel injectors.
  • This type of metal is available commercially so it is not normally necessary to make it in the laboratory and it which is just as well as it is difficult to isolate as the pure metal.
  • It is a critical rare earth metal because it has many uses and is expected to be used even more widely in the future as technology advances.
  • Laser materials use dysprosium when used with other rare earth metals as well as vanadium.
  • It has one of the highest magnetic strengths of any element, and it may be used to raise the coercively  of high-strength magnets such as those used for hybrid car motors.
  • Dysprosium does not have any known biological properties and the compounds are of low to moderate toxicity, although their toxicity has not been investigated in detail.
  • It occurs along with other so-called rare-earth or lanthanide elements in a variety of minerals such as xenotime, fergusonite, gadolinite, polycrase, blomstrandine & etivenite.
  • Other dysprosium compounds are dysprosium fluoride, dysprosium iodide  and dysprosium sulfate.
  • Properties of dysprosium
  • Nature of magnetic anisotropy of dysprosium
  • Dysprosium nanowire modified carbon paste electrode
  • Trapping Ultracold Dysprosium
  • Important Role of Dysprosium


  • Msds of Dysprosium
  • Data sheet of  Dysprosium 
  • Dysprosium chloride hexahydrate
  • Dysprosium nitride
  • Dysprosium AA Standard
  • Dysprosium Oxide


  • Crystal structure of dysprosium
  • Dysprosium induced silyl radical reactions
  • Production of Dysprosium
  • Magnetic resonance in dysprosium
  • Dysprosium as a indicator in cattle digestion


  • Methods of forming a dielectric containing dysprosium
  • Preparing silica- dysprosium  oxide
  • Dysprosium- iron magnetostrictive materials and devices


  • Introduction dysprosium
  • Spectroscopy of
  • Innovative dysprosium
  • Dysprosium self sufficiency
  • Synthesis of dysprosium

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  • Company - Canada
  • Green Tech Relies on Dirty Mining in China
  • Dysprosium


  • Japanese rare earth market update
  • Dysprosium Price Gains
  • Exploring the rare earths market


  • Dysprosium and Yttrium Discovery
  • Ucore Reports Dysprosium
  • Dysprosium aluminium foils in water


  • Application of dysprosium
  • Catalytic CO oxidation on a dysprosium
  • Dysprosium hafnate as absorbing material
  • Measurements on single crystals of dysprosium


  • Anisotropy of the hall effect in dysprosium
  • effect of mononitride containing gadolinium and
  • Effects of dysprosium


  • Anisotropic sub doppler laser cooling in dysprosium
  • Magnetic relaxation in dysprosium
  • Determination of dysprosium
  • Study of photoelectret effect in dysprosium
  • Magnetic transitions in dysprosium

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