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  • Europium is a chemical element with the symbol Eu, Atomic Number 63, Atomic Weight 151.964, Melting Point 1095 K (822°C or 1512°F), Boiling Point 1802 K (1529°C or 2784°F).
  • Europium is a soft silvery metal.

  • Europium has been identified spectroscopically in the sun and certain stars.

  • Europium is one of the less abundant rare-earth elements.

  • Europium is never found in nature as the free element, but there are many elements containing Europium.

  • Europium salts could be mildly toxic by ingestion, but its toxicity has not been fully investigated.

  • Europium becomes a superconductor when it is cooled below 1.8 K and compressed to above 80 GPa.

  • Europium used in nuclear reactors control rods.

  • Europium phosphors are used in television tubes to give a bright red colour and as an activator for yttrium-based phosphors.

  • The three key isotopes of Europium are 151Eu, 152Eu, and 153Eu.

  • Europium is irritating to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

  • Europium can be taken into the body by eating food, drinking water, or breathing air.

  • Europium is the most active of the lanthanides.

  • The most common ores of europium are monazite, bastnasite, and gadolinite.

  • Europium is prepared by heating its oxide with lanthanum metal.

  • Europium reacts strongly with oxygen in the air, catching fire spontaneously.

  • Europium is found in a variety of ores, primarily bastnasite, monazite, and xenotime.

  • Europium-152, europium-154, and europium-155 are produced primarily as fission products, europium-152 can also be produced by neutron activation of nuclear reactor control rods.

  • Europium is not found in nature as a free element.

  • A Highly Luminescent Europium Complex
  • Enhancing the fluorescence of a Europium Complex by Co-doping with Terbium
  • Highly Luminescent Homoleptic Europium Chelates
  • Synthesis, Infrared and Fluorescence Spectra of Europium and Terbium Complexes
  • Radiactive lifetime, oscillator Strength and LandŽe factor calculations in doubly ionized europium
  • Synthesis and Photoluminescence of New Europium Complex
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence-Based Europium- Derived Probes
  • Water Enhances Quantum Yield and Lifetime of Luminescence of Europium
  • Europium Introduction
  • Europium


  • Application of Europium chelate-dyed Nanoparticles labels
  • Europium Doped Hydroxyapatite For Application In Environmental Field
  • Lanthanide Complexes for Luminescence Imaging Applications
  • Luminescence Dynamics and Waveguide Applications of Europium Doped Gallium Nitride Powder
  • A New Europium Chelate For Protein Labelling And Time-Resolved Fluorometric Applications
  • Polyvinylamine Streptavidin Complexes Labeled with a Europium Chelator
  • TRF Performance of Thermo Scientific AppliskanTM with Europium Sensitivity Assay


  • Europium Activated Strontium Iodide Scintillators
  • Europium Activated Phosphors Containing Oxide of Rare Earth
  • Method of Extracting Europium
  • Phosphor Mixtures Comprising Europium Doped Ortho Silicates
  • Method of Producing Europium uses Therefor
  • Method For The Production Of Europium
  • Optically Pumped 620nm Europium Doped Solid State Laser


  • Exploration and Mining of Rare Earth Elements
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  • Uses of europium
  • A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Hydration of
    Lanthanum and Europium
  • Effect of Europium Chloride
  • Effects of Europium and Barium Nonstoichiometry


  • Luminescence and Structure of Europium
  • Engineering Emissive Europium and Terbium Complexes for Molecular Imaging and Sensing
  • Gadolinium and Europium L-glutamates  Synthesis
    and Characterization
  • Europium chelate-dyed nanoparticles as donors in a homogeneous proximity
  • A Luminescent Tris(2-   thenoyltrifluoroacetonato) Europium Complex
  • Mineralogy and Occurrence of Europium-Rich Dark Monazite
  • A Novel Europium Sensor Based on 4E-4-(2 phenylviazenyl)- 2-((E)-(2 aminoethylimino) methyl) phenol
  • Preparation of a novel fluorescence probe of terbium–europium
  • Red electroluminescence from a novel europium b-diketone complex
  • Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Europium atoms in low temperature solids
  • Crystal structure and fluorescence of a europium complex


  • Europium AA Standard
  • Europium Acetate Hydrate
  • Europium Chloride Hexahydrate
  • Europium DOTA
  • Europium in Dilute Nitric Acid
  • Europium Oxide
  • Europium Fluoride
  • Europium Metal, Powder & Pieces
  • Thenoyl Europium Chelate

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