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  • A Radioactive element which is a member of actinide group of periodic table of elements.
  • Fermium was named after Enrico Fermi, one of the pioneers of nuclear physics.
  • Fermium (Fm)  is a rare earth element with atomic weight 257 which has melting point 1800K.
  • Eighth discovered transuranium element in the actinide series.
  • An element 254Fm and its heavier isotopes can be produced by intense neutron irradiation of lower elements such as plutonium using a process of successive neutron capture interspersed with beta decays until these mass & atomic numbers are reached.
  • After Production, fermium is separated from other actinides & from lanthanoid fission products by ion exchange chromatography.
  • Fermium has 18 isotopes with mass numbers range from 242 to 259.
  • Under normal conditions, fermium exists in solution as the Fm3+ ion.


  • Fermium (Fm) - 100.
  • General Information about Fermium.
  • First observation of atomic levels for element Fermium.
  • Fermium, Nobelium & Lawrencium.
  • Properties of Fermium.
  • Summary about Fm.


  • Fission of Fermium-256.
  • Production of Einsteinium & Fermium in reactors.
  • Fission half lives of fermium isotopes.
  • Production of fermium preparations of high purity.


  • Coated metal product.
  • Method for producing heat & reducing radioactivity of a radioactive material.


  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers List.
  • Supplier from USA.

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  • Company from China.
  • Company from USA.


  • Consultancy from USA.
  • Consultancy from New York.


  • Resonance ionization spectroscopy of fermium.
  • New Elements Einsteinium & Fermium.
  • Laser Spectroscopic Investigation of the Element Fermium.
  • Dynamical calculation of multi-modal nuclear fission of fermium isotopes.
  • Precise Calculations of Atomic Electron Binding Energies in Fermium.


  • Spontaneous fission half-lives of fermium isotopes.
  • Hyperfine Spectroscopy of the element fermium.

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