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  • Francium is a radioactive chemical element which is classified among the alkaline earth metals on the periodic table.
  • It is identified with the symbol Fr and it has an atomic number of 87.
  • It is a heavy, unstable, radioactive metal with a maximum half-life of only 22 minutes. It occurs naturally to a very limited extent in uranium minerals.
  • It has a low melting point and, if enough of it could be accumulated, it would be liquid in a warm room.
  • Francium isotopes are obtained after thorium or uranium targets bombarding by high-energy protons.
  • Francium is the second rarest element in the crust, after astatine.
  • Franciumís isotopes, with mass numbers ranging from 200 to 232, most commonly undergo alpha- or beta-decay and the Francium-223 is the elementís longest lived isotope.
  • It can emit an alpha-particle to form astatine-219 or a beta-particle to form radium-223.
  • Francium is produced by Uranium and thorium minerals and is in vanishingly small quantities via their natural radioisotope decay chains.
  • Calculation of the rydberg energy levels for francium.
  • Trapping of francium
  • Performance of francium ion sources
  • Present status of search for francium
  • Francium Spectroscopy
  • Two-photon spectroscopy of the francium


  • Msds of francium


  • Production of radioactive beams of francium
  • High quality francium ion
  • Production & transport of radioactive francium
  • Production of francium


  • Product of francium
  • Chlorinated francium


  • Francium developments
  • Studies with cold trapped
    francium atoms at ISAC
  • Spectroscopy of Francium Isotopes
  • Levels of atomic francium
  • Possibilities for francium spectroscopy

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  • Properties of francium
  • Measurements in francium isotopes
  • Francium laser spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy of trapped francium


  • Francium project report
  • Report of Measurement in francium
  • Radiochemistry of francium
  • Towards an optical parity violation experiment in


  • Electron electric dipole moment using francium
  • Discovery of the francium
  • Francium trapping facility
  • Francium atomic parity violation measurements

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