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  • A chemical element which is a silvery white metal belongs to group 3 of periodic table and is the first element of lanthanide series with atomic number 57.
  • Occurrence of Lanthanum is found wherever deposits of monazite and bastnasite are found. It usually comprises 25 to 38% of the total lanthanide present in the
  • Manufacturing methods to obtain pure lanthanum are solvent extraction and ion exchange techniques.
  • In ion exchange process, earth ions are adsorbed onto suitable ion exchange resin by exchange with hydrogen.
  • In liquid-liquid extraction, lanthanum separated from a solution of rare earth nitrates with a suitable organic liquid.
  • Lanthanum is amongst the most reactive metals and it oxidizes when exposed to air. It is lesser reactive to cold water than hot water.
  • It react s with the halogens and in the fluoride form LaF3 it can be used for coating glass fibres to give superior reflective properties for the transmission of signals via optical fibre.
  • Lanthanum increases the glass reflective index for digital camera lenses.
  • Lanthanum Carbonate  is used as a medication under brand name Fosrenol which is a chewable tablets contain lanthanum as the active moiety.
  • Applications of lanthanum includes in battery electrodes, camera lens, catalytic cracking catalyst.
  • Fluid cracking catalysts use lanthanum and cerium in the refining of crude
    oil to improve the activity and hydrothermal stability  & enhance gasoline yields.
  • One way to invest in lanthanum is to invest in the mining companies that are developing rare earth deposits.
  • Globally, lanthanum production is around 12,500 tonnes per year.
  • The demand for lanthanum is expected to increase. While current hybrid automobile batteries use huge amount of lanthanum.
  • By 2015, Lanthanum supply demand exceeds by 13%.


  • Lanthanum.
  • Lanthanum Soil Samples.
  • Facts about Lanthanum Element.
  • History of Lanthanum.
  • General Information about Lanthanum metal.
  • Lanthanum resources.


  • Lanthanum MSDS.
  • Lanthanum Metal.
  • Lanthanum Oxide.
  • Lanthanum Solution.
  • Msds of Lanthanum Oxide.
  • Lanthanum Rod.


  • Lanthanum Carbonate.
  • Lanthanum Glass.
  • Lanthanum Halides.
  • Available products of Lanthanum.


  • Recovery of high grade lanthanum by solvent extraction.
  • Recovery of cerium & lanthanum by ozonation of lanthanide solutions.
  • Synthesis of solid complexes of Lanthanum & erbium with N-Phosphonomethylglycine.
  • Separation of Lanthanum rare earth metal oxide using Iron(II) Sulfide.


  • Lanthanum to Human Health.
  • Developmental toxicity of cerium & lanthanum to sea urchin embryos.
  • Chronic toxicity of lanthanum to Daphnia
  • Toxicity of Lanthanum to Pathogenic Fungi and Its
    Morphological Characteristics.


  • Effect of Lanthanum on growth & composition of mineral nutrients.
  • Effects of lanthanum on reproduction of Daphnia magna.
  • Lanthanum on performance of Pt-Sn reforming catalysts.
  • Lanthanum on properties of potassium free catalysts for dehydrogenation.

Company Profile & Consultancy

  • Company1 from China.
  • Company2 from China.
  • Company3 from China.
  • Company4 from China.
  • Company1 from USA.
  • Company2 from USA.
  • Company3 from USA.
  • Company from Canada.
  • Expert from New York.


  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers List.
  • Supplier from USA.


  • Lanthanum Composition.
  • Lanthanum metal oxide dielectric apparatus.
  • Anti allergen combinations of calcium & Lanthanum.


  • Lanthanum metal-assisted deoxygenative coupling of alcohols.
  • Lanthanum (Fosrenol) Report.
  • Lanthanum Modified Clay
  • Aluminium Alloys containing cerium & Lanthanum.
  • Stability of properties
    in silver lanthanum alloy.
  • Discovery of Cesium, Lanthanum & Promethium Isotopes.


  • Study of lanthanum speciation in coastal and
    estuarine sediments.
  • Direct measurement of lanthanum uptake and distribution in internodal cells.
  • Sorption Mechanisms of Lanthanum on Oxide Minerals.
  • Lanthanum uptake from soil and nutrient solution.

Market & Uses

  • Demand of Lanthanum.
  • Rare Earth Element Market.
  • Investment Opportunity in rare earth elements.
  • Market scenario of Rare Earth Elements.
  • Rare Earth Elements Prices.
  • Lanthanum Uses.

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