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  • Lutetium is the last of the series of the lanthanide elements and it is a chemical element with the symbol Lu and atomic number is  71. It was isolated separately & independently by two chemists, Welsbach and Urbain.
  • Common compounds of lutetium are lutetium aluminium garnet, lutetium bromide, lutetium chloride, lutetium fluoride, lutetium iodide, lutetium oxide, lutetium sulfide.
  • It is a silvery white rare earth metal and it is also one of the least abundant lanthanides, however it is still more abundant on earth than silver or gold.
  •  Lutetium is not found free in nature but is found in a number of minerals, mainly monazite and the  Pit also produced by the reduction of the anhydrous fluoride with calcium metal.
  • Because the Lutetium is radioactive, you will be radioactive for a while after the treatment.
  • The rare earth element lutetium contains the isotope Lu-176 with 3,6*10 power 10 years half-life and a natural abundance of 2,6%,which yields a specific activity of the pure element lutetium of about 50 Bq/g.
  • The heavy lanthanide lutetium is among the few elements with differences
    larger than 0.3 dex.
  • It occurs in small amounts in minerals containing other rare earth elements, such as bastnasite, xenotime and euxenite.
  • Lutetium Phosphide is a semiconductor which has use in high power, high frequency applications and also in laser diodes.
  • Lutetium is the heaviest and hardest of the Rare Earth elements and has the highest melting point within this group. It is rare and trades at a high price but has few substitutes
  • It is primarily obtained through an ion exchange process from monazite sand  a material rich in rare earth elements.
  • It can be prepared by the reduction of anhydrous LuCl3 or LuF3 by an alkali or alkaline earth metal. The metal is silvery white and relatively stable in air.
  • When lutetium silicate is doped with cerium, these ions occupy the positions of lutetium.
  • Admission for treatment with lutetium
  • Cerium-doped lutetium oxyorthosilicate
  • Lutetium Dotatate Therapy
  • Positions of  Lutetium
  • Adapters based on natural lutetium
  • Lutetium Whitlockite doped


  • Lutetium Acetate Hydrate
  • Lutetium fluoride
  • Lutetium ICP Standard
  • Lutetium metal
  • Lutetium in dilute nitric acid
  • Lutetium Nitrate
  • Lutetium oxide


  • Lutetium Test Adapter
  • Product Overview of Lutetium Test Adapters
  • Lutetium Chloride Solution


  • Re-Evaluation of the abundance of lutetium
  • Hydrogen relaxation in lutetium
  • Manufacturing of cerium-doped lutetium
  • Synthesis of nanocrystalline lutetium


  • Lutetium containing garnet phosphors
  • Method of forming lutetium
  • Lutetium orthosilicate single crystal scintillator
  • Purification of lutetium
  • Warm white led & its lutetium


  • Introduction of Lutetium
  • Determination of Lutetium
  • Double-Decker Lutetium Phthalocyanine
  • Fact sheet of Lutetium
  • Structures of Scandium and Lutetium
  • Cerium-doped Silicate Yttrium Lutetium Crystal
  • Consultancy from New York
  • Consultancy from UK


  • Production Lutetium
  • Lutetium

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  • Nuclide data of lutetium
  • Isotope User Community
  • Discovery of Lutetium
  • Introduce GMP Compliant Lutetium
  • Quality Control Testing of Lutetium
  • Scintillation of Sol-Gel derived Lutetium

Market & Report

  • Quietly expanding rare-earth market
  • Bismuth-doped Lutetium
  • Isolation of lutetium
  • Photodynamic therapy with motexafin lutetium
  • Quantitation of motexafin lutetium
  • Lutetium hafnium & samarium


  • Asymmetry effects on
  • Lutetium-doping effect on diffusional creep
  • Lutetium speciation & toxicity in a microbial bioassay


  • Comparison between lutetium & erbium used as tracers
  • Lutetium disilicate nanostructured coatings
  • Distribution of intra- and extracellular lutetium
  • Characterization of  Lutetium
  • Photodynamic Therapy with Motexafin Lutetium


  • Epitaxial Films
    of Lutetium
  • Evaluation of Cerium Doped Lutetium
  • Persistence of lutetium
  • Preparation and quality control of lutetium
  • Results of Interstitial Motexafin Lutetium

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