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Project at a Glance Contents
  • A stent is a tiny wire mesh tube. It props open an artery and is left there permanently
    Stents help keep coronary arteries open and reduce the chance of a heart attack.
  • Stents are manufactured from the following materials: L605 Cobalt Chrome, Nitinol, 316L Stainless Steel, Platinum, Bioabsorbable Polymers and others
  • Modern coronary stents are now primarily manufactured from cobalt chromium materials and have since changed from diamond cell shapes, to smaller, thinner designs
  • Urinary and Peripheral stents are made of Nitinol
  • Biodegradable materials will
    take over the coronary stent market in coming years
    to become the new standard
  • Boston Scientific , Abbott Labs, Johnson & Johnson with Medtronic Inc make ranks in terms of IP publications.
  • The modern stent manufacturing industry has seen a steady increase in demand in the recent years.
  • In 2014, stent manufacturing revenue has hit $2.2billion with coronary stents comprising 69% of the total industry revenue.
  • Although biodegradable and other stents comprised of only 6% of industry revenue, they have become increasingly popular over the past five years
  • India imports medical stents from Germany, France and United States
  • About Stents
  • Medical Stents
  • Stent manufacture, implantation & utilization
  • Fully absorbable drug-eluting coronary Stent
  • Developing Medical Devices

Manufacturing Process

  • Stents, materials, fabrication methods, geometrical features
  • Products, processes & manufacturing Facilities in a company of repute
  • Leading-Edge Equipment for Catheter, Balloon, Stent, and Heart Valve Makers
  • Stent manufacturing by Optical Profiling
  • Micro Manufacturing of Coronary Stent
  • Manufacture of high quality vascular prostheses
  • Manufacturing Facilities of a company
  • Laser Processing
  • Laser technology produces the perfect stent

Market Scenario

  • Stent Business
  • Market influence and development of technology
  • List of names of companies
  • Imports into India
  • Consultant - Market Reports


  • The Patents, companies and analysis

Rules , Regulations & Guidelines

  • Registration and Import of Medical Devices in India
  • Medical Device Regulatory Profile for India
  • 2014 India Medical
    Device Regulatory
  • Medical Device Regulation: Policy and Technical Aspects
  • Getting Approval: Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent System
  • FDA Regulation of Medical Devices
  • Approved list of manufacturing Companies
  • Registered Manufacturers

Products & Applications

  • Polymeric Biodegradable Stent Insertion in the Esophagus
  • Drug-eluting Stents
  • Peripheral Stent Graft System
  • Self-Expanding Metal Stent
  • Testing of Stents and Stent Materials
  • Stents made in India
  • Cystoscopy & stent procedure

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