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  • A metallized Paper is a product that is coated with a layer of aluminium with a matte or gloss finish which offers decorative & protective properties to the products
  • Commercial metallizing process
    is one that evaporates aluminum in a vacuum chamber where it is deposited on thin polymer films or coated paper
  • Aluminum wire is fed to a heated crucible where it is melted. Under vacuum, the aluminum vapor is
    deposited onto a substrate in roll form as it moves past an aperture window
  • High Vacuum metallization is a
    process of depositing a superfine
    layer of aluminium on a previously
    varnished one side substrat within a
    high vacuum atmosphere
  • In paper metallizing, pre-coat aqueous polymer primers are
    used to provide a smooth base for metallization. After metallization,
    an over coating of an imprintable aqueous polymer is applied since aluminum oxidizes readily
  • The uses of metallized paper are in Labels, Cigarettes, self-adhesives, giftes, packaging and food products
  • Applications are in authentification holograms, electronic surveillance article tags, electrostatic discharge materials, reflective films, solar protective films, anticounterfeit currency threads and microwave heating susceptor panels
  • Metallized label market has shown
    past 5 years a CAGR of 6%
  • The Metallized Paper Industry


  • Electrical Industry
  • Touch Pads
  • Cigarette Packing
  • Wrapping Consumer Products
  • Printing on Metallized Papers


  • Technical Standard
  • Bright Sliver Metallized Paper
  • Metallized Paper
  • Product Data


  • Metallized Paper making processes
  • Varnish
  • EvaperatorBoats

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  • Coating & Laminating
  • Machinery - UK
  • Multi National Company
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  • Method of metallizing Paper
  • Crystal Paper having Metallic Luster
  • Paper Tableware with metallized Layer
  • Impregnants for metallized paper electrode capaciters


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