Nicotine Sulphate
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  • Nicotine Sulphate is an insecticide of plant origin.
  • Nicotine Sulphate is a salt of Nicotine and sulfuric acid.
  • Nicotine Sulphate arises from the neutralization of nicotine with sulfuric acid.
  • Nicotine Sulfate is an clear colorless aqueous solution
  • Nicotine Sulphate extensively used for fruit and vegetable gardens.
  • Nicotine Sulphate being washable in water does not have any toxic remnants after usage; hence it is an extremely safe pesticide.
  • Nicotine Sulphate 40% acts upon the central nervous system of the insect.
  • Nicotine Sulphate 40% is used to kill aphids, bugs, worms, leafhoppers and similar sucking insects which attack and destroy fruit, vegetables, crops and even flowers.
  • Nicotine Sulphate Formula: C20H26N4.O4S and Molecular mass: 418.6.
  • Nicotine Sulphate is very effective against a wide range of insect pests affecting the crops of economic importance as well as on Ectoparasites effecting live stock.
  • Nicotine is naturally occurring constituent of tobacco, is the active ingredient in tobacco smoke.
  • Nicotine sulfate sold for use as a pesticide is labeled danger, indicating that it is highly toxic.
  • Nicotine sulfate which, being a solid, is easier to handle in its use as an insecticide.
  • Nicotine in high doses acts as an effective nerve poison and can have a number of potentially harmful side effects.
  • Nicotine Sulphate 40 EC
  • Nicotine (Black Leaf 40) Chemical Profile
  • Nico Orgo Manures
  • Development Of High Value Phytochemicals From Green Tobacco
  • Metal-Nicotine Double Sulfates
  • A Neglected Factor In The Use Of Nicotine Sulphate
  • Nicotine
  • Snuff as an Insecticide


  • Control Of Plant Lice In The Vegetable Garden
  • Changes In Corneal Curvature During Accommodation In Chicks
  • Evaluation Of Different Germplasm Lines For Alternative Uses, Disease and Pest Reaction In Bidi Tobacco
  • Natural Products for Insect Pest Management
  • Insect Feeding Behavior Modification and Toxicity
  • Scrubbing Nicotine From Steam
  • A Study In The Control Of Stomach Worms


  • The effects Of Nicotine Sulfate On Vitelline Vein Developments
  • Effects Of Nicotine On the Lower Esophageal Sphincter
  • Effects Of Nicotine On Nitrogen Retention And Fat Deposition In Pigs
  • The Effects of Systemic Use of Nicotine on the Rat Nasal Mucosa
  • Toxicity Of Nicotine Derivatives And Their Effects
  • Alterations in the Behavioral and Biochemical Effects

Manufacturing process

  • Manufacturing of Nicotine

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  • Beverage Treated With Nicotine
  • Chewing Gum Having Sustained Release Of Nicotine
  • Nicotine Metabolites And Nicotine Dependence
  • Nasal Drug Delivery Composition Containing Nicotine
  • Nicotine Addition Treatment
  • Nicotine Therapy Method And Oral Carrier For Assuaging Tobacco-Addiction


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  • Suppliers From Germany
  • Suppliers From Hyderabad

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  • Company From China
  • Company 1 From Gujarat
  • Company 2 From Gujarat
  • Company From Maharashtra
  • Company 1 From Mumbai
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  • Company From USA


  • Consultancy From Delhi
  • Consultancy From New Delhi


  • Nicotine Sulfate (40% in aqueous solution
  • Nicotine Hemisulfate
  • Nicotine Sulfate
  • SDAG-15 (95% VOL)
  • Nicotine sulfate, 40% aqueous solution
  • Nicotine Sulfate (40% in aqueous solution)
  • Nicotine Sulfate (40-45% Nicotine in Water)


  • NAP Progress Report, Sources
  • Cigarette Manufacturing, Nicotine And Nitrosamine Levels
  • Status Paper On Tobacco

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