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  • Nigrosine is a black organic dye having very wide range of end uses
  • Synonyms are acid black 2, nigrosine water soluble, nigrosine w/s, lurazol deep blue EB
  • Applications for Nigrosine are paints , oil and wax products leather , synthetic resins, printing inks, office accessories
  • Nigrosine is an Azine class of Blue to Black pigment and dye
    primarily obtained from Aniline
  •  The nigrosines are the products obtained from the reaction of aniline with nitrobenzene in the presence of ferrous chloride and hydrochloric acid.
  • Nigrosine dyes having improved rheological properties are prepared by treating a base of the nigrosine  series with between 15 and 30% by weight of phthalic anhydride, at a temperature between 135 dispersible in plastics and inks and provide finished products having improved flowability.
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  • Company - New York
  • Solubility Chart
  • Nigrosin - water soluble
  • Nigrosin
  • Nigrosine W liquid
  • Nigrosin


  • Chemistry of Dyes
  • Centrifugation
  • Bleaching Nigrosine
  • Identification of textile dyes
  • Negative Stain
  • Environment Information


  • Water reducible nigrosine dye compositions
  • Modified Nigrosine & Production Process
  • Nigrosine Dye & Process for the proeparation
  • Method of preparing Nigrosin dye

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