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  • Nobelium is a synthetic, highly radioactive metal that has only been produced in miniscule amounts with the atomic number 102 and  symbol No.
  • Element Nobelium is obtained from decaying of heavier elements like lawrencium, hassium, rutherfordium and seaborgium.
  • Nobelium does not occur naturally and was first produced by bombarding curium with carbon nuclei.
  • Seventeen isotopes have been described, with the most stable Nobelium 259  having a half-life of 58 minutes.
  • Nobelium is near the end of the actinide series. It is a transuranium element because it is an element heavier than uranium.
  • The Pattern Emission by Nobelium Stream algorithm is mainly designed for the competitive market of the present situation.
  • Since nobelium does not occur at all in the biosphere it never presents a risk, but it would constitute a radiation hazard if enough was ever assembled in one place.
  • Measurements of Nobelium
  • Introduction of nobelium
  • First direct mass measurements on nobelium
  • Ultimate nobelium series subwoofers
  • Ultimate Nobelium series
    car audio speakers


  • Coated metal product
  • Dielectric composites and methods of making such
  • Hazardous material response system


  • General information of nobelium
  • Towards optical spectroscopy of nobelium
  • High-Precision mass measurements of nobelium
  • Physical properties of nobelium
  • Nobelium Fr-One

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News & Report

  • Actinium to Nobelium
  • DLS nobelium 6.2 component set
  • Elements of nobelium
  • Status report on optical spectroscopy at nobelium


  • Nobelium-iron oxide lab Spray Dryer LPG-5
  • Nobelium powder spray dryer
  • Nobelium-iron oxide exprimental Spray Drier
  • Nobelium-iron oxide spray Drier
  • Nobelium-iron oxide spray drying equipment


  • Speaker audio mobil seri nobelium
  • Pattern Emission by Nobelium Streams
  • Redox Experiment of Nobelium

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