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  • Rice husk contains about 80 % organic matter such as cellulose, lignin etc. and rest mineral components such as silica, alkalis and trace elements
  • The fabrication of the refractory was done from several different formulations containing Rice Husk Ash, Starch and Bentonite as binders and plasticizers; wood saw dust, flux and water.
  • Products made using rice husk develop plenty of pores during heat treatment due to burning out of organic material. The more the percentage of rice husk in a product, the more porous would be the product and better thermal insulation. Presences of entrapped air in pores have thermal insulating characteristics and thus make the porous fire product structure suitable for back up insulation.
  • Rice Husk Ash is used during the production of high quality flat steel. The ash also finds application as an excellent insulator, having fine insulating properties including low thermal conductivity, a high melting point, low bulk density and high porosity. It is used as "tundish powder" to insulate the tundish container, prevent rapid cooling of steel and ensure uniform solidification in casting process. RHA is also used as a coating over the molten metal in the tundish and in ladle which acts as a very good insulator and does not allow quick cooling of metal
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  • Building Materials & Technologies
  • Material Analysis

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  • Products of Technology
  • Pellets Manufacturers
  • Refractory Products

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  • High Technology Raw material
  • Industrial Applications
  • Biofiltration
  • Ashes to Bricks
  • Rice Husk bricks
  • Lime Blended Building Bricks
  • Construction Material
  • Rice Husk Gasifier
  • Rice husk products

Process Information

  • Rice husk silica refractory
  • The formula for the molding of rice husk pellet fuel
  • RHA Refractory
  • Rice husk ash pellet machine - Chinese
  • Polymer Matrix Composites
  • Polymer Composites
  • Amorphous silica ash
  • Rice Husk Insulating Fire - Bricks
  • Water sludge, silica fume, and
    rice husk ash in brick making
  • Compressive Strength of Bricks
  • Rice Husk Fired Clay Brick
  • Pellet Plant suppliers
  • Rice Husk Ash-Calcined Clay Blend
  • Silica containing Products
  • Insulator Materials from RHA
  • Insulation Material
  • Process for making stabilized agglomerates from RHA


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