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  • Activated carbon can be recycled, reactivated, or regenerated from spent activated carbon
  • Most used process: Spent carbon is reactivated in multiple hearth furnaces or rotary kilns
    The spent carbon is heated to temperatures above 1,700F utilizing steam as a selective oxidant. Adsorbed organics are either volatilized or pyrolysed to a carbon char. The high- temperature steam reaction serves to develop the pore volume of the activated carbon and restore its adsorptive capacity.
  • Activated carbon poses little risk of environmental contamination. If spent activated carbon were to be land filled or applied to crop lands, any environmental contamination would come from the materials that the activated carbon filtered out of the process stream, not the activated carbon itself.
Background Information
  • Reactivated Carbon - FAQ
  • Carbon Absorbers
  • Vapor phased absorbers
  • Activated Carbon & Oil refineries
  • Activated Carbon Profile
Technology Information
  • Regeneration of Spent Activated Carbon
  • Hydrothermal Technology
  • Low Temperature Regeneration of Spent Activated Carbon
  • Microbial Regenaration
  • Carbon reactivation Furnaces
  • Fluidized electrochemical reactor
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Advance Oxidation process
  • Ultrasound process
  • Technical details - FAQ
  • Performance Evaluation

Project Information

  • Onsite reactivation
  • Kiln operating costs
  • Kiln Energy
  • Furnace suppliers
  • Heaters supplier
  • Kiln Supplier
  • Sourcing Spent Activated Carbon
  • Water Treatment Plants - India

Company & products/services

  • Thermal activation service
  • Service provider
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Supplier - spent carbon
  • Activation program
  • Spent activated carbon profile sheet
  • Spent Media Identification
  • Spent Carbon acceptance
  • Technology Company
  • List of companies
Patents Information
  • Elution Process for the regeneration of spent activated carbon
  • Spent Activated Carbon Regenerater
  • Regeneration of activated Carbon with Formaldehyde
  • Process for reactivating spent activated carbon
  • System for electrically heating and regenerating spent activated carbon

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