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  • Tagatose is a natural sweetener present in only small amounts in fruits, cacao, and dairy products. Tagatose can be commercially produced from galactose through an enzymatic process, starting with lactose which is hydrolyzed to glucose and galactose. The galactose is isomerized under alkaline conditions to D-tagatose by calcium hydroxide. The resulting
    mixture can then be purified and solid tagatose produced by crystallization.
  • Raw materials required are Lactose (food-grade), hydrochloric acid (food-grade), calcium hydroxide (technical-grade), sulfuric acid (technical-grade), immobilized lactase, ion exchange resins
  • Tagatose is obtained from D-galactose by isomerization under alkaline conditions in the presence of calcium.
  • The market for industrially utilised whey ingredients has clearly moved towards a healthy food and health care orientation leading to an increasing focus on the more value-added whey and lactose products, such as fractions and derivatives showing significant growth rates, as high as 20% p.a
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