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  • Terbium is a metallic chemical element which is classified in the rare earth elements, also known as lanthanides, of the periodic table of elements.
  • China is the source of much of the world's terbium. Like other rare earth elements, terbium is comparatively well distributed across the Earth, but it is not widely used; most consumers do not interact with terbium, although they may own some products with terbium components.
  •  It is not found in a pure form in nature, but it can be recovered from an assortment of minerals.
  • Terbium is isolated, it is silvery gray and relatively soft and easy to work.
  • On the periodic table of elements, terbium is identified with the symbol Tb, and its atomic number is 65. The element also has a number of isotopes and salts which are used in various applications.
  • The element has a crystalline structure, and at least two allotropic forms, meaning the structure of the element can vary when it is in a solid state, depending on the circumstances.
  • It is used in X-ray machines as well as a green phosphor activator in color television tubes. It is also used along with the element zirconium and works as a crystal stabilizer in fuel cells that are supposed to work at high temperatures. Terbium green phosphor is used in combination with divalent europium blue phosphors and trivalent europium red phosphors. This helps in creation of 'trichromatic' lighting technology that has a higher light output compared to incandescent lighting. It is also used in alloys, electronic devices and magneto mechanical devices.
  • A terbium-iron alloy is used to provide metallic films for magneto-optic recording of data.
  • The most common uses include as a laser material that emits coherent light at 5460Â. It is also used as a dopant for calcium fluoride, calcium tungstate and strontium molybdate that are used in solid state devices. It is also used as a probe in biochemistry as it resembles calcium in behavior. It gives out fluorescence that helps in tracking the element in biochemical experiments.
  • Terbium is used as a Dopant in calcium fluoride, calcium tungstate and strontium molybdate, materials that are used in solid-state devices, and as a crystal stabilizer of fuel cells which operate at elevated temperatures, together with ZrO2.
  • Terbium oxide is used in green phosphors in fluorescent lamps and color TV tubes. Sodium terbium borate is used in solid state devices. The brilliant fluorescence allows terbium to be used as a probe in biochemistry. The brilliant fluorescence allows terbium to be used as a probe in biochemistry.


  • General Information about terbium
  • Crystal structure and luminescence property of ternary terbium
    p-aminobenzoic acid complexes
  • Introduction of a new TR-FRET Terbium crypate
  • Synthesis and novel fluorescence phenomenon of Terbium (III) complex with N',N',N"-tris amine
  • Rare earth elements 101
  • Highly Sensitive Spectrofluorometric Determination of Terbium(III) with Tetrasodiumcalix[4]arene p-tetrasulfonate
  • Mass spectrometric characterization of a dinuclear terbium
    phthalocyaninato complex
  • Introduction of a new TR-FRET Terbium cryptate
  • Terbium introduction


  • Engineering emissive europium and terbium complexes for molecular imaging and sensing
  • Luminescence energy transfer using a terbium Chelate
  • Synthesis of a Terbium Fluorescent Chelate and
    Its Application to Time-Resolved Fluoroimmunoassay
  • Exploring new generation of europium and terbium activated phosphors via experiments and first-principles calculations
  • Terbium-sensitized luminescence
  • Green light emission from terbium doped silicon rich silicon oxide films obtained by plasma
    enhanced chemical vapor deposition
  • Spin Dynamics in the Negatively Charged
    Terbium (III) Bis-phthalocyaninato Complex


  • Terbium-activated gadolinium oxysulfide X-Ray phosphor
  • Terbium-Dysprosium-iron magnetostrictive materials and devices using these materials
  • Process and apparatus for producing alloy containing terbium and/or gadolinium
  • Process for producing a Terbium
  • Broad spectrum Terbium


  • Supplier from China
  • Supplier from Germany
  • Supplier list


  • Msds for Terbium Metal
  • Msds for Terbium
  • Terbium Msds
  • Terbium Oxide Nanoparticles msds
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
    Terbium AA Standard MSDS
  • Terbium Bromide msds
  • Terbium oxide msds
  • Terbium(III) nitrate pentahydrate msds
  • Terbium(III,IV) oxide msds
  • Terbium carbonate hydrate msds



  • All-fiber Faraday Devices Based on Terbium-doped Fiber
  • Optical properties of terbium-doped thiosalicylic-capped
    CdS nanocrystals
  • Energy transfer in europium and terbium compounds
  • The Global Supply Chain
  • Discovery of Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, and Terbium Isotopes
  • Terbium Luminescence from Complexes of Angiotensin II, Small Peptides, and Amino Acids1
  • Time Gating Improves Sensitivity in Energy Transfer Assays with Terbium Chelate/Dark Quencher Oligonucleotide Probes
  • Terbium luminescence-lifetime heterogeneity and protein equilibrium conformational dynamics

Company Profile

  • Company from Cambridge
  • Company from China
  • Company2 from China
  • Company from USA


  • Consultancy from Europe


  • Transient fluorescence spectroscopy and laser
    induced fluorescence lifetimes of terbium doped
    dipicolinic acid
  • In situ synthesis of terbium-benzoic acid complex in sol-gel
    derived silica by a two-step sol-gel method
  • Spectroscopy of Terbium doped Sol-gel Glasses
  • Incompatibility of standard III–V compound semiconductor processing
    techniques with terbium-doped InGaAs of high terbium concentration
  • Molecular and
    Biomolecular Spectroscopy
  • Hybrid organic–inorganic compounds doped with terbium carboxyl complexes produced in situ via a sol–gel approach


  • Effect of gadolinium co-doping on Terbium emission in sol-gel glasses


  • Electrochemistry of terbium in the eutectic LiCl–KCl
  • Use of terbium as a probe of tRNA tertiary structure and folding
  • Use of Terbium


  • LanthaScreen™ Terbium Labeled TR-FRET
    Secondary Antibody Reagents


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