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  • Every one is looking for a solution to durably plug all punctures in the tyre tread and/or shoulder area of passenger tyres caused by nails, screws and other sharp objects
  • A tyre sealant is a solution / gel that can be applied either pre puncture which protects the tyre in such an event or post puncture which is after a tyre has suffered a puncture.
  • The desired solution, preventive or curative, may consist of layers made of self-healing and/or puncture-proof materials to fix the flat real time or to prevent the puncture from happening.
  • There are two types of solutions currently on the market depending on when the sealing layer is applied during the tyre manufacture process Pre Cure and Post Cure.
  • The technology consists of a thin  viscous layer  applied to the tyre tread during tyre building or after tyre cure. When a tread puncture occurs, the air escaping the tyre literally pushes the polymers, which simply plugs the puncture hole.
Background Information
  • Puncture Sealants
  • Finding Self-sealing and puncture-proof solution
  • Tyre Protection


  • Tyre puncture sealant compositions
  • Sealant compositions for Pneumatic tyres
  • Puncture preventive sealant
  • Tyre puncture sealant compositions
  • Puncture Sealing composition & Tire
  • Tyre Sealant composition
  • Tyre Sealant
  • Cationic Natural Rubber Latex & Tyre puncture sealant using same

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  • Advanced Tire Technology
  • Tire that repairs itself
  • Self Sealing Tyre Technology
  • Silicones


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