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  • Ytterbium is a chemical element with symbol Yb and atomic number 70.It is a bright, soft, silvery-white metal that is both ductile as well as malleable.
  • It is a one of the rare earth metals and the metal tarnishes quickly in air and reacts slowly with water.
  • It is not found free in nature but is found in a number of minerals: mainly monazite, gadolinite euxenite and xenotime.
  • Under very high physical stress ytterbium’s electrical resistance increases by an order of magnitude.
  • Ytterbium has 30 isotopes whose half-lives are known, with mass numbers 151 to 180.
  • It is used in alloys and is added to stainless steel to improve grain refinement and strength and its compounds are also used as catalysts in the organic chemical industry.
  • It forms in temperatures of minus 13 degrees Celsius and 795 degrees Celsius.
  • It reacts with cold waters & temperatures very slowly but will transpose and react to warm temperatures and climates quicker than most elements utilized in the scientific community.
  • In spite of the production of ytterbium being small it does have uses that common folk are probably not privy to.
  • It is extremely irritating to the eyes and skin and also is an environmental safety risk as its components and dust are flammable and can explode without notice.
  • Ytterbium fiber lasers operating at the 1070 nm wavelength are perfect for laser cutting.
  • Beam combining of ytterbium
  • Case of ytterbium-doped materials
  • Characterization of an ytterbium
  • Dual-stage erbium-doped, erbium/ytterbium
  • Excited state lifetimes in atomic ytterbium


  • Msds of Ytterbium
  • Ytterbium AA Standard
  • Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid Ytterbium
  • Ytterbium chloride hydrate
  • Ytterbium heptafluorodimethyloctanedionate
  • Ytterbium nitrate pentahydrate


  • Ytterbium co-doped large-core fiber laser
  • Radioactive sources of ytterbium
  • Modeling of Yb3+
  • Rare Earth Elements
  • Ytterbium sources for brachytherapy


  • Method of making sialon containing ytterbium
  • Ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass optical fiber amplifiers
  • Solid-state laser using ytterbium
  • Ytterbium sputtering target


  • Cerium and ytterbium compounds
  • Continuous wave diode pumped operation of an Yb
  • Photo darkening in ytterbium
  • Ultralow-threshold ytterbium


  • Company from India
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from USA
  • Company1 from USA
  • Company2 from USA


  • Consultancy from Germany
  • Consultancy from New York
  • Consultancy from US


  • Supplier from India
  • Supplier from China
  • China supplier
  • Supplier from US


  • Broad-band diode-pumped ytterbium
  • Ytterbium Fiber Laser
  • Ytterbium- chromium-doped fibre laser
  • Strictly all-fiber picosecond Ytterbium


  • Ytterbium in quantum gases and atomic clocks
  • Optical trapping of ytterbium atoms
  • Passively Q-Switched Ytterbium


  • Atomic nanofabrication using an ytterbium
  • Application of Ytterbium
  • Efficient femtosecond Yb
  • Lidar ytterbium pulsed fiber lasers


  • Behavior of Ytterbium
  • Effects in Yb-doped optical fiber
  • Radiation effects in ytterbium
  • Self-Q-switched ytterbium fiber laser
  • Effect of pressure on the sorption of Yb


  • Microspherical Laser In Erbium-Ytterbium
  • Multi-kilowatt Single-mode Ytterbium
  • Single crystal growth of europium and ytterbium
  • Superconductivity at 31.3 K in Yb
  • Trapping of ytterbium
  • Ultrafast ytterbium

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