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  • A process in which bivalent metals make a stable soluble
    complex with an Organic acid or Chelator to become a
    inert, water soluble organic compound is called Chelation
  • Chelated form provide desired quantity in low dose to crops,
    while inorganic form used in large quantity but can not fulfill
    the desired quantity to crops
  • Zn + EDTA = ZnEDTA (Chelate)
  • Zinc Edta is A high value end product an integral part of water soluble fertilizers
  • The raw materials required are Zinc Oxide powder and Ethylene Di amine Tetra Acetic acid
  • Chelated micronutrients especially Chelated copper and Zinc suppress the growth of plant pathogen and fungus, thus increase agricultural growth.
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  • Chelating agents
  • Chelated Products Guide
  • Zinc
  • Zinc in Fertilizers
  • Zinc Fertilizers

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  • Technology Sources &  Contacts
  • Production Technologies
  • Consultant - project reports
  • Fertilizer Institute
  • Fertilizer Quality Control in India
  • Quality Control & Training
  • Complexometric Titration of Zn(II) with EDTA
  • Process for the production of metal chelates
  • Preparation of Zinc Chelate
  • Reclamation of Zinc for use as fertilizer

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  • Liquid Zinc products
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  • Zinc Liver Chelate
  • Chelated Micronutrients
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  • EDTA Zinc
  • Chelated Minerals for soil
  • Chelated Zinc for Crop
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  • Chelated form and Inorganic form
  • Zinc Etda manufacturers
  • Fertilizer companies
  • List of Fertilizer Manufacturers
  • Product Fact sheet
  • Environment Management in fertilizer Mixing Plants

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