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  • Coatings do not only prevent metal penetration and grain paste by forming an effective refractive layer between sand and molten metal during casting but also prevent cores and moulds from cracking and veining effects that cause fining defect and improve the metallurgical quality of casting
  • Alcohol based Zircon Coating is a pure white zirconium silicate based coating, for use on the lightest to heaviest steel casting, grey, nodular and alloy ironsIt has a solids content of 75% and a density of approx 2.1 kg/L.
  • Zircon Base Coating For Sand Molding is a light blue spirit based mold coating containing zircon paste.
  • Water based dressings are specially developed for Iron and Steel foundries for Cold box, hot box and shell core systems.Dressings / coatings are meticulously formulated to impart freedom
    from drips, runs and no crack development on dried film layer. Zircon is used as filler
  • Zircon powder is a Zircon based coating in powder form suitable for cast iron and steel castings. For application purpose, it is to be mixed with water and final coating consistency to be decided on the method of application.

Basic Information

  • Coating Materials

  • Foundry Coating Technology

Companies & Products

  • Alcohol based mold paint

  • Water based mold paint

  • Company & Products

  • Company - USA

  • Core & Mould Binder System

  • Water-Based or Renewable Components

  • Manufacturers

  • List of companies

  • Company profile

Trade Scenario
  • Zircon Brite Polishing Paste
  • Scaling Paste with Zircon powder
  • Zircon Substitution
  • Zircate Prophy Paste
  • Fission-track zircon
Technology Information
  • Zircon-based refractory coating for
    casting applications
  • Control limits for the drying of water-based coatings
  • Flow Coating
  • Alumina toughened zirconia
  • Zirconia for Coating Applications
  • The microstructure and properties of porous alumina/zirconia composites
  • Thin zirconium oxide coatings prepared at low temperatures
  • Refractory Coating Product Line


  • Thermoplastic Paste with mineral filler Zircon
  • Ultra thin Zircon Coating & Membrane
  • Glass Paste
  • Printing Paste containing zircon
  • Glass Paste
  • Foundry Mold Insulating Coating

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