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Project Profile @ a   glance
  • Technology transfer is a broad set of processes covering the flows of know-how, experience and equipment for mitigating and adapting to change amongst different stakeholders.
  • Technology transfer  activities in supporting the technology transfer effort to developing countries are tailored to provision of directly applicable tools such as guidelines for entrepreneurs, demand surveys, foresight methodologies and benchmarking.
  • Technology may be transferred by giving it away (e.g., through technical journals or conferences); by theft (e.g., industrial espionage); or by commercial transactions (e.g., patents for industrial processes) as well as through cross-national exchanges among components of multinational enterprises.
  • The transfer of technology may be accompanied by transfer of legal rights to use of the technology, such as sale of licensing of associated intellectual property rights.
  • The three basic reasons to measure technology transfer results are to (1) provide accountability, (2) facilitate the process of technology transfer, and (3) demonstrate the value of a particular technology transfer project.
  • Scientific and technological activities in India are carried out under a wide set-up consisting of Central government, State governments, higher educational sector, public and private sector industry and non-profit institutions/associations.
  • In India, the government has focused on several aspects like development of institutions that promote technology transfer, development of local R&D and S&T bases, opening of industry to foreign competition and promotion of innovation in the Indian Industry.

Content Headlines on CD ROM

Technology Offers - Samples
  • Heating & Cooling Devices
  • Oil Extraction of Cholesterol from Milk Products
  • Oil Extraction of Cholesterol from Eggs
  • Solid Particle Delivery Systems
  • Bio adhesives and Hydro gel Technologies
  • Radiation-Curable Vinyl Ether Coatings
  • Thermal Panel for Passive Temperature Control
  • Herbicide Formulations
  • Leaching inhibition technology
  • High Performance Polyester Sulfone Oligomer
  • Environmentally Friendly Pesticide Formulation Aids


  • Aluminum Die casting
  • Technology Transfer & Commercialization
  • Commercial Opportunity Assessment
  • Nanotechnology And Nano sciences
  • Information Services
  • IP Management
  • Technology Transfer Organizations In Japan
  • Characterizing Industry/University Partnerships
  • Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council

Indian Scenario

  • Scientific and Technological
  • Small Industry Development Organization of India
  • Technical cooperation in the areas of energy & environment
  • Bilateral Technology Transfer using the Internet
  • Energy Scenario in India
  • IT Standardization in the changed Indian scenario

Profiles of Realizations

  • Gateways to Technology
  • Hundreds of cases from Research to Realizations
  • Innovations Change the world
  • Foundry Industry in India
  • Research & development Models


Innovative Methods And Programmes

  • Compendium of International Arrangements on Transfer of Technology : Selected Instruments
  • Developments in Sri Lanka
  • Innovative Methods to Access Credit
  • Supporting the Monitoring and Evaluation of Innovation Programmes

Technology Transfer Centers

  • FLC Technology Transfer
  • Novel Chemistry for the Production of Nicotine Analoges
  • International Technology Transfer System
  • Israeli Technology
  • National Technology Transfer Center

Consultants Involved

  • Consultancy Units
  • Consulting Firms
  • IT Consulting  Services
  • Invention Consulting Services
  • MTS Engineering Consulting Services
  • Kurzweil  Technologies

  • Investors in Life Sciences
  • Frazier Technology Ventures
  • Venture Capital
  • Venture Capital Library
  • Venture Capital Resource Directory
  • Venture Capital Survey

Patent and Technology involved in the License

  • Patents, Trade Marks & Copy Rights - The Basics
  • Patent And Copyright Policies
  • Patent Procedures
  • Patents And Intellectual Property
  • Patent Valuation
  • Licensing Process
  • Licensing Services
  • Licensed Technologies
Terms And Conditions
  • Cancer Research Technology
  • Terms And Conditions Of Use
  • Terms For Open Enrollment and Onsite Training
  • Invention Disclosure Form
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Memorandum Of Agreement

Technology Transfer Projects

  • Evaluating the Projects 
  • Finger spelling
  • Tilt cycle
  • Taiwan Japan Technology Transfer Project
  • Ultrasonic head control interface
  • Wearable Accelerometer Motion Analysis System
  • Mosquito Patch Technology


  • Gene Transfer Leads To Antibiotic Resistance
  • Hydrogen Transfer Mechanism Probed
  • Noval Antiviral Technology 
  • Polymer Show Promise For Lab-on-a-chip Technology
  • Researchers offer Proof-of-Concept
  • Technology That Could Double Effectiveness Of Cancer Drugs

Information Sources & Reference Links

  • Overview Of Services
  • Questions when selecting or using a pesticide formulation
  • Environment & user friendly chemicals
  • Notes on Technology Transfer
  • Technology Transfer Guidelines
  • Guidelines For Applicants

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