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  • Vetiver grass is a tropical plant which grows naturally. In Thailand, vetiver grass can be found growing in a wide range of area from highlands to lowlands in various soil conditions.

  • The species which is most common in Thailand is referred to in scientific term as Vetiveria zizanioides. This species appears in a dense clump and grows fast through tillering.

  • The clump diameter is about 30 cm. and the height is 50-150 cm. The leaves are erect and rather stiff with 75 cm. of length and 8 mm. of width.

  • Vetiver is an aromatic perennial grass whose long stiff leaves have rough edges. Cultivated from India to Haiti, it has aromatic roots that are used in magic and medicine. 

  • Popular in African-American folk magic, vetiver attracts positive things and averts negative ones. It can be used for grounding, uncrossing, banishing, releasing, protection, peace, harmony, happiness, balance, love spells, breaking hexes, averting thieves, and in money spells to attract money

  • Vetiver was called calamus in the Bible, so some practitioners of magic use calamus root, which has a more pleasant smell, as a substitute for vetiver. Essential oil of vetiver is used in perfumery, as a fixative

  • The fragrant leaves of the grass are sprinkled with water to make them supple, then woven into mats, baskets, fans, screens, and other useful items.

  • Vetiver inflorescence is erect and it appears in the form of a panicle. The panicle and the stalk which is round and long are about 100-150 cm. high above the ground. However, for a mature culm, the stalk can be as high as 200 cm. The inflorescence or the panicle alone is about 20-40 cm. high and can spread out at a maximum width of 10-15 cm.

  • The vetiver species, the leaves of which are suitable for making handicraft products, is the Vetiveria zizanioides Nash with ecotypes like Sri Lanka, Kamphaeng Phet 2, Surat Thani, Songkhla 3 etc. This species has long and waxy leaves which soften when they are wet. They are thus suitable for making handicraft products.

Review of Vetiver

  • Vetiver System
  • Rooting Characteristics
  • Multipurpose Eco friendly root
  • Economic Miracle grass
  • Vetiver Port folio
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Reclamation of Sodic Soils
  • Chemicals in Vetiver
  • A Hedge against Erosion

Cultivation and production Technologies

  • Cultivation Technology
  • Planting Methods
  • Culm Branches
  • Culm Cutting
  • Distribution
  • Spacing
  • Variability of Tiller
  •  Vetiver System - china
  • Vetiver System - Australia
  • Technology of Vetiver Propagation
  • Garden Show - China
  • Production of planting material
  • Cultivation Guide
  • Medicinal seeds
  • Vetiver Agronomy
  • Developmental Variation
  • Cultivation and Care
  • Hand Book of  Vetiver
  • Root Regeneration
  • Vetiver Ecotypes
  • Diseases
  • Ponding

Manufacturing Companies

  • Pure Vetiver oil - aroma land
  • Zenith Supplies
  • Loris Azzaro perfume
  • Haitian Vetiver oil
  • Kapco International Oil
  • Musgo Real After Shave
  • Vetiver Spray
  • Handicrafts
  • Root crafts - Bali
  • Vetiver Grass products - Thailand
Vetiver Based Products
  • Vetiver Oil
  • Vetiver Essential Oil
  • Perfumers liquid gold
  • Helan  Vetiver - After Shave
  • Helan Vetiver - Soap
  • River - Vetiver Soap
  • Khus Sarbat


Research and Journal papers
  • Physico Chemical study of vetiver
  • Vetiver Root System
  • Vetiver Newsletter
  • Oil of Tranquility
  • Effect of Shade in Growth
  • Soil types on Growth
  • Bag Sizes on growth of Vetiver Hegerows
  • Fertilizer on Growth
  • study of root system
  • Tiller numbers at planting

Beneficial Effects Of Vetiver

  • Vetiver Grass for Agriculture and other uses
  • Vetiver as  Medical and Aromatic plants
  • Roots for Medical Purposes
  • Other uses and utilization of vetiver oil
  • Control of Insect pests
  • Aromatherapy and vetiver oil
  • Vetiver System and private Sector
  • Vetiver - Madagascar

Market Strategies

  • Global suppliers and Consultants
  • Distribution Statistics
  • Trail Project
  • Vetiver - Material Safety Data Sheet
  • KPF
  • World Bank

Medicinal and Insecticidal uses

  • Antioxidant, Anticarcinogenic and Termiticidal Activities of Vetiver Oil
  • Vetiver Grass Roots for Medicinal and Other Purposes
  • Vetiver Oil and Its Sedative Effect

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