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Project Profile @ a   glance

  • Wafer biscuits would have two wafer - like layers and cream will be stuffed between these two layers to form a sandwich-like biscuit.
  • The raw materials are Wheat flour/maida, starch, vanaspati, sugar, salt, soda, preservatives, flavours, colours . Butter paper, plastic bags, second hand cartons, BOPP tape or box strapping shall be the packing materials.
  • Consumption of biscuits is steadily going up year after year as they are nutritious, havelonger shelf life, easily available and one of the cheaper items in the category of ready-to-eat eatables.
  • Good quality and competitive price coupled with well organised marketing network shall be the critical aspects.
  • Cost of a readymade shed of around 100 sq.mtrs. is assumed to be Rs. 2.50 lacs. Annual expenditure on utilities at 100% would be Rs. 1.20 lacs.
  • India is amongst the top five wafer biscuit manufacturers in the world. Biscuits are popular throughout the country and people from all age groups enjoy them.
  • R&D Engineers is the first Indian manufacturer of baking machines for wafer biscuits

Content Headlines on CD ROM

  • Wafer Biscuits
  • Wafer Designing

Manufacturing Process

  • Food Processing Industries
  • Almond Wafer Biscuits
  • Benne Wafers
  • Preparation Of Recipes
  • Helwa
Video File
  • R&D Engineers

Company profiles

  • Camy Wafer Co.
  • Greco Brothers Ltd.,
  • Pickwick
  • Zydus Adilac
  • Cadbury


Equipments Suppliers
  • Gemini International
  • Labh Group
  • Wafer Biscuit Making Machinery
  • Mondomix Aeration Technology
  • Directory Of Indian Suppliers
  • Hebenstreit
  • Haas
  • Banderols
  • KGN Engineers
Raw Materials Suppliers
  • Flour Power
  • Lecithin Suppliers
  • Preservatives Suppliers
  • Soda Selling Leads
  • Starch Selling Leads
  • Vanaspathi Suppliers
  • Wheat Flour Suppliers
  • Icecream Suppliers
  • Butter Paper Suppliers & Buyers
  • Plastic Bag Manufacturers
  • Global B2B Market Place
  • Wafer Products
  • Metamucil Wafers
  • Wafer Cookies
  • Wafer Rolls
  • Recipes
  • Wafer Biscuits


  • Food Processing Technology
  • Derwent Industry And Technology
  • Biscuits Stacking System
  • Ishida
  • United State Patent- Apparatus Making Wafer Biscuits
  • United State Patent- Multi Layer Cream Filled Wafer Process


  • The Cocoa And Chocolate Products Regulations 2003
  • Annual Report 1999
  • Chinese Biscuit And Cake Industry
  • Packaged Food In Egypt
  • The Business Line
  • Wright Reports
  • Share Holders
  • Kit Kat Industry Report


  • Wafer Biscuits
  • Pakistan Standard Specification For Wafer Biscuits
  • Protein Rich Biscuits
  • Bakery Products

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