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  • Water Souluble Polymers are substances that dissolve, disperse or swell in water and, thus, modify the physical properties of aqueous systems in the form of gellation, thickening or emulsification/stabilization
  • They are used for a wide variety of applications including food processing, water treatment, paper, enhanced oil and natural gas recovery, mineral processing, detergents, textiles, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, petroleum production, and surface coatings.
  • Water-soluble polymers are of the following three groups:
    Natural, including microbial-, plant- and animal-derived materials
    Synthetic, which are produced by the polymerization of monomers synthesized from petroleum- or natural gas–derived raw materials
    Semisynthetic, which are manufactured by chemical derivatization of natural organic materials, generally polysaccharides such as cellulose
  • The demand of water soluble polymers is in segments such as food, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. China, Japan and India are the major markets in Asia
  • Among the various applications of water soluble polymers, the fastest growth is observed in the water treatment industry due to the strict environmental standards that are being implemented in various countries and sewage treatment activities. Other major application of water soluble polymers includes detergent & household products, petroleum and paper making.

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