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  • Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalks of cereal plants, after the grain and chaff have been removed.
  • Biomass is the mass of living organisms and recently dead matter like wood, leaves, stalks, straw and other organic matter.
  • Wheat-straw waste is a natural byproduct of the industrial fractionation of wheat straw.
  • This material consists approximately 38% of cellulose, 20% of lignin, 20% of xylose and a little of arabinose and ash. The total dry matter reaches 24,3%.
  • Wheat straw is renewable, widely distributed, available locally, moldable, anisotropic, hydroscopic, recyclable, versatile, non-abrasive,
    porous, viscoelastic, easily available in many forms, biodegradable, combustible, compostible, and reactive.
  • Wheat straw is one of the most abundant and cheap agricultural wastes, and it is estimated that about 250 million tons are produced annually in China. Wheat straw is predominantly disposed of by direct burning in open field due to lack of effective utilization, which also causes serious
    environmental pollution.
  • The processing of straw differs from that of wood in the initial stage of the composite material process . The harvested and baled wheat straw is size-reduced (chopped), hammer-milled, screened, and pre-wetted before defibration (the fiber-refining process)
  • Many possible composite products can be made using wheat fibers including structural (using thermosetting resins) and nonstructural (using either a thermosetting or thermoplastic resin) materials, geotextiles and molded products (using fiber mats prepared by physical
    entanglement, nonwoven needling, or thermoplastic fiber-melt matrix technologies), sorbents and filters (for removing pollutants from contaminated air, water, and/or soil), packaging, and in products in combination of other resources.
  • Compressed agricultural fiber (CAF) is manufactured from wheat or rice straw, the byproduct of wheat and rice grain, and has been successfully used for many years in the general construction trade.
  • Bioethanol is made from biomass and it is renewable. Wheat straw is a good raw material for ethanol production, since wheat straw has a rather high content of cellulose.
  • Straw has a higher ash content and lower lignin content when compared with wood and has not been used for board manufacture with the use of conventional formaldehyde resins (UF, MUF, PF, etc.), while other types of adhesives like polymeric isocyanates.
  • Agricultural residues (straws) are primarily composed of cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses. But straws also contain significant amounts of pectins, proteins and, most importantly, inorganic compounds (ash), most of which is silica.
  • Wheat straw pulp will likely be used in blends with wood pulps in proportions consistent with paper and board cost and performance specifications.
  • The bioconversion of the agro waste material into fuel has received considerable interest during recent years.
  • Currently a most important application of cellulases and hemicellulases in the pulp and paper industry is the biobleaching of pulp, the production of dissolving pulp, the treatment of wastewater and the deinking of recycled waste paper.
  • Wheat straw is produced about 33-48 mons/acre and crop to residue ratio is 1:1. 40-50% wheat straw is being used to feed animals by the farmers and landlords and 44-56% is surplus and is being sold into the market at the rate of Rs. 90-100/Mon
  • Converting Lime-Treated Wheat Straw to Fuel
  • The Digestibility of Wheat Straw and Wheat-Straw Pulp
  • Value of Cereal Straw
  • What Mushrooms Grow in Wheat Straw?
  • Wheat Straw
  • Straw


  • Wheat straw and other natural fibers are the future for auto parts
  • New Environmentally-friendly Technology than can make Paper from Straw
  • On Farm Demonstration of Various Storage Methods for Urea Treated Wheat Straw
  • Pilot-scale conversion of lime-treated wheat straw into bioethanol
  • Pulping of Wheat Straw with Caustic Potash-Ammonia Aqueous Solutions and Its Kinetics
  • Complete saccharification and fermentation of wheat straw and rice hulls to ethanol
  • Technology turns straw into paper and profits
  • Alberta “wheatboard” technology recognized for societal impact


  • Process for manufacturing yarn from wheat straws
  • Process for making fuel cubes from straw
  • Methods of straw fiber processing
  • Environmentally benign TCF Bleaching Sequences
    for AS/AQ Wheat Straw Pulp
  • Method of coloring straw and straw resulting therefrom
  • Compressed Straw Material
  • Process for improving the palatability of straw for
    animal feed


  • Straw processing machinery Suppliers
  • Baling Machine for Wheat Straw
  • Biomass fuel making machine/straw processing equipment
  • Machine supplier
  • Mills in India
  • Waste Recycling Machine Supplier
  • Pulping Machinery
  • Straw Pellet Plant
  • Machinery Supplier
  • Wheat Straw Machine Supplier


  • Converting Waste Agricultural Biomass
    into Energy Source
  • Hydrogen production from biomaterials by
    the extreme thermophile
    Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus
  • Green Cottage Housing
  • Biobutanol from wheat straw
  • Constructing an Adobe Kiln for Making Charcoal
  • Optimization of the pretreatment of wheat straw for production of bioethanol
  • Paper & Boards from Banana Stem Waste
  • Wheat Straw as a Paper
    Fiber Source
  • Pasteurized Wheat Straw TEK
  • Pelletizing process of Non - hydrolyzed residues from wheat straw ethanol production and fuel characteristics of pellets obtained
  • Critical review on the pelletizing technology
  • Cell-wall structural changes in wheat straw pretreated for bioethanol production
  • Production of Cellulases by Aspergillus Heteromorphus from Wheat Straw under Submerged Fermentation
  • Efficient Utilization of Rice-wheat Straw to Produce Value –added Composite Products
  • Fiber Preparation
  • Two-step straw processing – a new concept of silica problem solution
  • Wet Oxidation of Wheat Straw
  • Wheat Straw Bio-Filled Polypropylene
  • Ammonia Treated Wheat Straw as a Substitute for maize silage for growing lambs
  • Assessment of feeding urea ammoniated wheat straw on growth performance
  • Wheat Straw Flour Filled Recycled Thermoplastic
  • Effects of Treated Wheat Straw with Exogenous Fibre - Degrading Enzymes on Wool Characteristics of Ewe Lambs
  • Wheat Straw and Urea in Pelleted Rations for Growing - Fattening Sheep
  • Impact of Feeding Biologically Treated Wheat Straw on the production Performance of Goats in North Sinai
  • Oranosolv Pulping of Wheat Straw by Glycerol
  • Torrefaction of reed canary grass, wheat straw and willow to enhance solid fuel qualities and combustion properties
  • Ethanol Production from Alkaline Peroxide Pretreated Enzymatically Saccharified Wheat Straw.
  • Selective Harvest of Higher Value Wheat Straw Components
Project and Plant Details
  • Towards a wheat straw based biorefinery
  • The enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of pretreated wheat straw and bagasse to
  • Wheat Straw for Ethanol Production in Washington
  • Wheat straw, household waste and hay as a sources of lignocellulosic biomass for bioethanol and biogas production
  • Cellulose Nanofibers from Wheat Straw
  • An Investigation of the Feasibility of Preparing Fuel Pellets from a Range of Agricultural and Other
  • Multi-Component Harvesting of Wheat Straw
  • The viability of a biomethane
    to grid plant utilising wheat
    straw as a feedstock
  • A high-efficiency, Combined Heat and Power straw-fired power plant
  • Bioethanol Production from
    Wheat and Barley Straw at
    the Babilafuente Plant


  • Pyrolysis of Biomass in Presence of Steam for
    Preparation of Activated Carbon, Liquid and Gaseous
  • Wheat Straw in Growing Cattle Diets
  • Use of Mushroom Spent Wheat Straw Compost as Animal Feed
  • Novel Uses of Wheat By-products
  • Wheat Straw in Construction Materials
  • Wheat Uses
  • Xylanase Production by Streptomyces Lividans (NRC) and It's Application on Waste Paper

Turnkey Providers

  • Turn-key Biomass Charcoal Briquette Line
  • Company from Mumbai (India)
  • Company from Delhi (India)


  • Adding Value to Wheat Straw
  • Evaluation of biomass residue
  • Poverty Alleviation by Mushroom Growing in Zimbabwe
  • New Energy Economics
  • New and Improved Wheat Uses Audit
  • Paper from Wheat, not Wood
  • Research on evaporation reduction by a wheat straw mulch
  • Straw Yields from Six Small Grain Varieties
  • Ammonium Hydroxide Treatment of Wheat Straw
  • Wheat Straw Treatment
  • Turning wheat straw into particleboard
  • Predicting Wheat Straw Yields in Northern Illinois


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