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  • Zeolites are minerals that have a micro-porous structure.

  •   Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline ground water. 

  • The synthesis conditions were optimized to obtain highly crystalline zeolite with maximum BET surface area.

  • Zeolite
  • Database of Zeolite structure
  • Cellular Zeolite
  • The Zeolite group of Minerals
  • The Versatile Mineral
  • Framework Structure
  • Zeolite Group
  • Zeolite Photo Galleries

Types And Properties
  • Structure And types
  • Kinds of Zeolites
  • Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types
  • Structure And Characterization
  • Physical/Chemical Properties
  • Ecosand Soil Amendment
  • Properties Of Zeolite
  • Structural, electronic and bonding properties of Zeolite Sn-Beta

Production Process

  • Zeolite From Fly ash

  • Development of Zeolite for non-phosphated detergents

  • Process for production of Zeolites from raw materials

  • Zeolite Formation

  • Life Cycle Inventory for the Production of Zeolite A

  • Production Process in Western Europe

  • Commercially available natural zeolites are usually of the clinoptilolite (clino) variety which are known chemically as hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates.

  • Zeolites contribute to a cleaner, safer environment in a great number of ways. 

Company Profiles

  • Zeolite

  • GSA Resources Inc

  • Zeolite Australia Pty Ltd

  • Zeolyst International

  • Moutere River Company Ltd

  • Albemarle

  • Saile Industries

  • Rota Zeolite Mining Corporation

  • ZEO Agronomic Technology



  • Desalination Using Zeolite Membranes

  • ExxonMobil Advanced Technology

  • Filtration Of Underground Water

  • Molecular Sieve Zeolite Technology

  • Treatment of Underground Waste

  • Zeolite Technique Speeds Pesticide Decomposition In Water

  • Zeolite Technology-Video Files


  • Zeopro

  • Advera Specialty Zeolites

  • China Zeolite Products

  • Activated Liquid Zeolite

  • Zeolite Powders

  • Bij Zeolite Products

  • Perlite And Zeolite Products

  • Standard Zeolite Products

  • Zeolite Odor Control Products

  • Zeolite Products For Animal Waste Management

  • Synthetic and natural Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates with symmetrically stacked alumina and silica tetrahedra which result in an open and stable three dimensional honey comb structure with a negative charge.

  • Zeolites are used in Animal Feed Supplements, Water Treatment, Radioactive Waste Treatment, Pollution Control, Pet Litter and Odor Control, Agriculture, Slow-Release Fertilization, Zeoponics, Soil Amendment, Miscellaneous Agricultural Applications, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Thermal Storage and Solar Refrigeration, Natural Gas Purification, Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds.

  Plant Details

  • NRDC Plant Information

  • Principles of Catalysis

  • Zeo-Tech Enviro Corp. Profile

  • Honeywell Company

  • St Cloud Zeolite Mining Operations


  • The Removal Of Heavy metals Cations By Natural Zeolites

  • Bear River Zeolite Applications

  • Effect of Zeolite on Seedling Production

  • Commercial And Domestic Uses

  • Performance of Zeolite Based Products in Ethylene Removal

  • Zeolite in Plant Growth

  • Fertilizer

  • Advantages Of Zeolite-A

  • Activated Zeolite For Turf Maintenance, Renovation And Construction


  • Silica Zeolite scavenging of exhaled isoflurane - A Canadian Report

  • Collection Of Simulated XRD Powder Patterns For Zeolites

  • Japan Annual Report 2006

  • Evaluation of Aspha-Min Zeolite For use in Warm Mix Asphalt

  • Energy Efficient Catalytic Reaction and Production of Cumene

  • Zeolite Potential in British Columbia


  • Barrie Butt

  • The Cecon Group

  • Lionel Delaude

  • Jonathan Campbell

  • Peter Hugo Nelson, Ph.D

  • Experts in Zeolite

  • Dr. James Howenstine, MD

  • David Choy

  • Albert Sacco, Jr. (Ph.D.)

  • Chemical Consultants Network

  • United Technology Consultant

  • Specialists in Adsorption & Catalysis

Manufacturers And Suppliers

  • Companies List

  • Zeolite Suppliers

  • Zeolite China Manufacturers

  • Trade leads

  • Zeolite Selling Leads

  • Worldwide Zeolite Suppliers

  • Silver Zeolite Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers & Distributors 

  • Wholesale Suppliers

  • Zeolite -Worldwide

  • Suppliers

  • Zeolite 4A Suppliers

  • Zeolite Absorption System Carbon Suppliers


  • Zeolite Buyers List-1

  • Zeolite Buyers List-2

  • Zeolite  Buyers List -3

  • Wholesale Buyers And Resellers

  • Global Importers & Buyers

Market Details

  • Nalco to make detergent grade Zeolite

  • Roskill Market Report

  • Zeolite Chemistry and Engineering Catalysis Research

  • Sasol Olefins & Surfactants

  • Natural Zeolite

  • Currently, the world’s annual production of natural Zeolite is about 4 million tons. Of this quantity, 2.6 million tons are shipped to Chinese markets to be used in the concrete industry. Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australia, and Asia are world leaders in supplying the world’s demand for natural Zeolite. 


  • Epithelial Cell Cancer Drug-US Patent

  • Method of immobilizing a protein to a Zeolite

  • Method of cementing a well using composition containing Zeolite

  • Process for the production of Zeolite membranes

  • Thin Zeolite Membrane

Hazards And Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Material Safety Data sheet

  • Molecular Sieve- Material safety Data Sheet

  • Zeolite H- Mordenite Powder

  • Zeolite Data Sheet

  • Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite MSDS

  • Safety considerations for Zeolite synthesis

  • Zeolite- Latest MLM Anticancer Scam



  • Synthetic Zeolite-Zeolite - A

  • New Zeolite Synthesis Technology

  • Co2 Separations Using Zeolite Membranes

  • Surfactant Modified Zeolite Pilot Project

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  • Listing Of Selected Internet Links

  • Zeolite Links

  • Minerals From India

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