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  • The latest frontier of convergence is the broadcasting of TV content to mobile phones.
  • Mobile TV has the potential to become a success in the non-voice segment.
  • Indeed, the ability to watch movie trailers, news, sport and TV show clips is seen as one of the main offerings and differentiators of the 3G networks that European mobile operators spent billions of Euro on.
  • There are three different technologies fighting it out to be the standard for mobile TV broadcast technology: DVB-H, DMB and MediaFLO.
  • Third Generation (3G) is the latest technology for mobile devices and services.
  • Mobile IP is the IETF proposed standard solution for handling terminal mobility among IP subnets and was designed to allow a host to change its point of attachment transparently to an IP network.
  • The distribution of content  will be achieved by integrating satellite broadcast capacities with existing terrestrial 3G and beyond 3G infrastructures (e.g. DVB-H).
  • The CSA (High Broadcasting Council) is mandated to allocate broadcasting frequencies, a scarce resource, and those players wishing to develop mobile television are concerned that room should be made for it in the frequency plan.
  • Broadcasters can take
    advantage of technology developments to reach a vast mobile subscriber base with generic content.
  • Mobile operators see
    broadcasting technologies as a way to deliver a larger choice of personalized content using a “push and store” mode, if and when low-cost, high-capacity memory is embedded in terminals.
  • With growing competition between handset manufacturers, as observed with color screens and camera handset features,mobile broadcast will soon become a mandatory feature in handsets.
  • The success of mobile broadcast services will require significant content development and formatting to adapt offerings to the specifics of the mobile broadcast environment and market demand.
  • Now that the mobile TV market is heating up, wireless carriers must consider how best to make money from the opportunity.
  • If Mobile TV is priced and packaged correctly, there could be up to 270 million subscribers worldwide with TV functionality on their mobile phones by 2009.
  • With 7.7% of its 41 million mobile subscribers carrying a 3G handset and paying a premium for 3G network access, the UK represents the largest 3G market in Europe.
  • In terms of percent penetration, the U.K. tops Germany and the U.S., which have 3.2% and 1.9%, respectively.
  • Broadcast TV to Mobile
  • DVB-H Performance
  • DigiTAG Handbook
  • Perspective
TV over 3G
  • TV on Mobiles
  • Multimedia Streaming
  • 3G Service Assurance
  • 3G Networks Broadcast
  • 3G Convergence
  • Mobile IPv6

Mobile Networks

  • Digital TV for Handsets
  • DVB-H
  • DVB-S2
  • DVB-X
  • DVB 2.0
  • IPDC over DVB-H
  • Ericsson-Broadcast/Multicast
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Legal Status
  • Network Planning
  • Standardization
  • Interworking
  • Broadcast Spectrum
  • DVB-H and DAB
  • T-DMB Vs DVB-H
  • DVB-T Spectrum Analysis
  • Mobile Broadcasting-Content Delivery
  • Content Protection
  • Conax-Content Cost

Products and Design

  • DMB Tuner
  • DVB-H Solution
  • PSE 3G VAS Genie
  • BGT215 and BGT216
  • BGT210
  • FM Stereo Radio
  • SDIO TV1000 / TV1100
  • Design Requirements
  • DVB-H Receiver IC-Sony


  • Automotive Installation
  • DVB-T Mobile TV Tuner
  • Content Download

Mobile Broadcast Services and Technology

  • What Required
  • Mobile Services Evolution
  • New Services
  • Broadcaster's Point of View
  • DVB-H Services
  • TeamCast DVB-H
  • Convergence of Broadcast & Mobile Services
  • FLO Technology
  • Mobile Digital Television(MDTV)
  • Media Distribution System
  • MediaFLO System
  • Mobile Broadcast Radio
  • Mobile Broadcasting
  • Mobile TV & DMB Platform
  • IT Strategy
  • Video and Audio Coding
  • Hierarchical Modulation
  • Mobile TV Developments
  • IPDC – BMCO Workshop


  • 3G Mobile Operators
  • MediaFLO Directions
  • DVB-H Implementation Guide
  • Mobile TV Design
  • Broadcaster Benefits
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Mobile TV Applications
  • Rival
  • EMBC
  • Forum Merging
  • IFA
  • Convergence Open Market
  • Orange Launches 3G Network
  • 3G myopia


  • WorldDAB Press
  • IEEE International Conference-MDM
  • GSPx TV to Mobile Conference

Report and Project

  • Handheld Revolution
  • Telecom Regulatory Authority-India
  • Finnish Mobile TV
  • Sintelsat

Business Models/ Value Chain

  • Frequency Economy
  • Broadband Industry Structure
  • Operators Strategy
  • Ecosystem Economics
  • Media FLO Demo-Video Files

Mobile TV Market and Future Communication

  • DVB-H Business Models
  • Multimedia Broadcasting-China
  • Mobile Broadcast-Finland
  • Mobile TV-Germany
  • India 2005
  • 3G/UMTS
  • Mobile TV Market Potential
  • Regulating Mobile TV Market
  • Siemens Mobile
  • Mobile Telephony Trends
  • 3G or not 2G
  • Mobile TV with FLO
  • LG Electricals-India
  • MediaFLO USA-Delivering

Consumer Demand

  • Frequency Availability
  • Consumer Adoption
  • Mobile Consumer Track
  • Mobile Revenues-Russia
  • Subscription Revenues

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Samsung-DMB Handset
  • Open Mobile Alliance
  • Mobile TV Suppliers
  • TV to Mobile Manufacturer

Companies Overview

  • Crown Castle Mobile Media
  • FLO Technology Brief
  • Factum Electronics
  • IPDC Forum
  • IPDC Forum1
  • TeliaSonera Mobile Networks
  • Mobile DTV Alliance
  • Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution


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