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  • Mobile money transfers refer to money transfers that are initiated using a mobile phone.
  • Mobile Money – allows any Home Banking user to access their eligible accounts from a mobile phone. You can check account  balances, review recent account activity, transfer funds, and even pay bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Mobile Money Platform provides end-to-end security from the mobile device to the backend server regardless of entry gateway.
  • All transactions between the mobile device and the backend server are secured via SSL/TLS. To prevent sensitive information from being compromised, no data is stored on the mobile device.
  • Registration Process for Mobile Money - There is a unique activation code required to verify your mobile phone number. This code associates your mobile phone number with your account. In addition to the security measure, this verification lets you know your mobile phone number was successfully entered into the system.
  • If your mobile phone number changes, you must log in to Mobile Money and update that phone number on the “My Phones” tab of  the Mobile Money main menu.
  • Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant interbank electronic
    fund transfer service through mobile phones.
  • The Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) , in combination with the mobile number acts as a proxy for the account number.
  • MMID is a seven digit random number issued by
    the bank upon registration. Remitter (customer who wants to send money)
    and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive the money) should have
    this MMID for doing this interbank funds transfer.
  • Mobile Money Ventures (MMV) has developed a secure and scalable mobile financial services platform that will work with virtually any mobile device and mobile carrier.
  • MMV integrates advanced financial services capabilities and dynamic data access with flexibility, security, and a world-class
    user interface within a single platform.
  • The 2008 EDC/GSMA Study estimated that by 2012, nearly 7% of mobile subscribers in the developed and over 4% of subscribers  in the developing world will make at least one international mobile money transfer transaction in 2012: a total of nearly 250  million subscribers globally.
  • Mobile Money Transfers
  • Banking on mobile money
  • Mobile Money Definitions
  • Mobile Money Guide
  • Fruits of Mobile Innovation
  • Money on your mobile
  • Mobile money services User Manual
  • Mobile Money Platform
  • Mobile Money Fact Sheet
  • Interbank Mobile Payment Service


  • Mobile Money Payment Gateway System - An Overview of System Process


  • Electronic money system, electronic money exchange server and mobile phone
  • Electronic money settlement method using mobile communication terminal
  • Money transfer payments for mobile wireless device prepaid services
  • Money transfer systems and methods
  • Method for money transfer using a mobile device
  • Electronic Money System, Information Storage Medium, and Mobile Terminal Device
  • Apparatus and method for storing electronic money


  • Building a Network of Mobile Money Agents
  • A Comparison of Mobile Money -Transfer UIs for Non-Literate and Semi-Literate Users
  • Mobile Money Study
  • Tracking framework for mobile money services
  • Developing Mobile Money Ecosystems
  • Five business case insights on mobile money
  • Development Implications of Mobile Money
  • Mobile money and telecommunication regulations
  • Mobile Money Remittances
  • Replicating and Scaling Up Mobile Money
  • Mobile Money for Unbanked

Service Providers

  • Making Money Mobile
  • National payment Corporation of India
  • MTN MobileMoney Service
  • Enabling mobile money transfer The Central Bank of Kenya's treatment of M-Pesa
  • Designing Mobile Money
  • Integrity in Mobile Financial Services
  • Mountain America Credit Union Launches Mobile Money Service
  • Mobile money pavilion
  • Gemalto Mobile Money Transfer Services
  • Airtel Mobile Money Transfer
  • Nokia Mobile money services
  • Profin launches Bolivia's first
    Micro lending and Mobile
    Money Exchange
  • International Remittance Service Providers
  • The Western Union Company
    Mobile Money Transfer
  • Bringing financial services to the unbanked with mobile money services



  • Mobile  Money Architecture
  • Secure Mobile Payment - Architecture and Business
  • Managing a Mobile Money Agent Network
  • Mobile Money Management Framework


  • Implementation of mobile money transfer
  • Mobile Money Transfer Applications
  • Power of mobile money
  • Virtual Money Transaction
  • Mobile Money P2P Application in Kenya
  • Using mobile money in Africa
  • Mobile Financial Applications


  • Globally recognized bank-caliber technology
  • Emerging Platform: From Money Transfer System to Mobile Money Ecosystem.
  • Technology and Remittances: mobile money transfers
  • Technical Approach for Money Transfer by Mobile phones


  • Mobile money - Report 2010
  • Mobile Money in the Developing World
  • Seeking Fertile Grounds for Mobile Money
  • Next Phase in the Evolution in Person-to-Person Payments
  • Really any Money in Mobile Money
  • Mobile Money special report
  • The Mobile Money Revolution
  • Emerging Scenarios for Shared Mobile Money Agent Network
  • Mobile money : transforming the wireless paradigm
  • Building a mobile money distribution network
  • Cashing Up With Mobile Money – The FairCASH Way
  • Mobile Money Transfer Services in East Africa
  • Mobile Money Policy Forum
  • Mobile Money for the Unbanked: Tanzania
  • Successful Mobile Money Implementation
  • Mobile Money in the Philippines


  • Mobile Money Services for
    Emerging Markets
  • Mobile Money Market Sizing
  • Mobile Money Market
  • Mobile Money Market details
  • Mobile Money Nigerian Market
  • Mobile Money: The Economics of  M-PESA
  • Deconstructing the Mobile Money Value Chain
  • Mobile Money: A US$5 Billion
    Market Opportunity


  • Mobile money risk scorecard
  • The Risk Sharing Benefits of Mobile Money
  • Mobile money risk environment
  • Mobile Money: Methodology for Assessing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risks
  • Mobile Banking And Security Risks

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