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 About Aquaculture Industry

  • Decision making factors for Investing in Aquaculture

  • Developing Aquaculture Business Plan

  • Adaptive Management

  • Financing the Aquaculture Operation

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Rights based Fisheries Management
  • Pearl Making
  • Pearls Guide
  • Aquaculture in Small Scale
  • Integrated Agri-Aquaculture Systems
  • Aquaculture Information Package
  • Organic Aquaculture
  • Seed Oystering
  • Responsible Aquaculture
  • Collecting Black-lip Pearl
    Oyster Spat
  • Pinctada margaritifera
  • Black Pearls Industry Management

 Global Scenario

  • Public Access to Coastal Areas
  • Aquaculture Associations
  • Queensland Fisheries Profile
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Research
    Capabilities and Needs in Asia
  • Pear Culture - Maldives
  • Newsletter
  • Pearls of Tahiti
  • Pearls Newsletter
  • Natural Materials


  • Shellfish Aquaculture Industry Needs
  • Shell Fishing
  • Black Pearls Inc
  • Genetic Improvement and Utilization of Indigenous
    Tilapia in Southern Africa
  • How International Finance Institutions
    Fund Shrimp Farms
  • Pearl Oyster Report
  • Pearls Exhibition

India Information

  • Aquaculture Authority
  • Development of Coastal Agriculture, India
  • Status of Industry in India
  • Environment Issue
  • Sustainability
  • Developments in West Bengal
  • Shrimp Farming in India
  • Organizational Support in India
  • Scope for Group Farming
  • Development in Orissa
  • Effluent Treatment Guidelines in Shrimp Farms - India
  • Newsletter - Aquaculture Authority
  • Company List

Sample Projects Reports

  • Commercial Fishing Trawler
  • Shrimp Farming


  • ICE Plant 15 tons
  • ICE Plant 50 tons

Rules & Regulations

  • Ecosystem based Fisheries development
  • HACCP Principles for Shrimp Farming
  • Shell Disease
  • Case Study of Disease


  • Adopting Improved Technology for Increasing
    Production and Productivity in Traditional and Improved Traditional Systems of Shrimp Farming
  • Lobster Health
  • Sea Lice Treatments


what is not provided :Ready made up to date project reports, market survey reports for specific clients, locations etc Only sample data of these topics found in Internet are brought to the notice of Entrepreneurs.
It is up to clients & entrepreneurs to pursue the contacts or not to gather validation & further specific information from these sources. We will only reproduce information we believe to be correct, but we make no claims as to the validity of this information. Primary Information Services does not assume liability for relevance, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. The information from this CD ROM should be treated as anecdotal information only and not as specific recommendations for usage

Primary Information Services
21 Murugappan St ,SwamyNagar Ext2 ,
Ullagaram, Chennai - 600091, India.
 Phone: 91 044 22421080  Mobile: 9444008898
Email :   FAX : 91 44 22423753