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Shrimp Industry Information

Content Headlines

Industry Overview & General Information

Decision to Invest in Aquaculture
Ecuador Shrimp Industry
Eco-labelling of shrimp farming in Ecuador

Shrimp Farming sustainability in Ecuador, Peru , Chile & others
Business Plan - Entrepreneur in Peru . Project Peru
Organic Aquaculture in Ecuador: A More Sustainable Solution?

Transferable Fishing Quotas in Chile
Shrimp Aquaculture & Olive Production
How International Finance Institutions
Fund Shrimp Farms
Shrimp Trade Disputes

Video Film - Aquaculture
Video - Fish Processing Line
USA seafood Industry List
Fisherman's Manual
Bishop Aquatic Technologies
Report on Shrimp Farming
Shrimp Farms in Colombia

Marine Products Development Authority 
Registration with Government agency
Farming Brown Tiger Prawns
Prawn Farming - Thailand

Australian Prawns
World Outlook for Aquaculture
European Lobster Farming Methods
Lobster Farming in Norway
Government of India Guidelines

About Shrimp Farming

Introduction - Shrimp Farming Overview
Getting Started
Green House Construction
Pricipals of Recirculating system design
Harbor Branch Shrimp Production Systems
Receiving & Acclimation of Post larvae

Intensive Culture Systems
Water Quality Systems & Management
Economics of Shrimp Culture
Farming Marine Shrimp
Improving Productivity in Shrimp Farming
Shrimp Health Management

Case Study : Florida Farms
Salt Water Shrimp Farming
Ammonia Mass Balance Analysis
Friction Loss Tables
Shrimp Feed Technology
Shrimp Feed Company
Prawn Production Manual

Shrimp Processing - Project Information

Decision to Start Aquaculture
Project Sample Pre-feasibility Study Report - 2 Crores investment
Model Project Profile & Financing IQF

Shrimp Processing Cold Water
Shrimp Peeling Machine
Shrimp Processing Systems
Cooking & Chilling Equipment
Shrimp Processing Plants
Shrimp Grading Equipments

Project Profile
Commercial Fishing Trawlers
Peeling Machinery
Facility Certifications
IQF freezing
Equipment Suppliers
Indian Consultants List
Video clips

Mechanical and Food Process Engineering 
Aquaculture Production Technology  company
Refrigeration and Food Process Machines
Complete Freezing/Glazing line for shrimps Packaged Spiral Freezer
Venture Farm Consultants 
Producer of shrimp machines
Freezing & Cold Storage
Plant Risk Management Tool

Company Annual Report 
Farm Standards
Complete set of Machineries for Shrimp Processing Processing
Plant Procedures
Thailand Shrimp Processor
Biofilm Formation
Small Medium Plants Disease Control
ICE Plant
HACCP Program
Input Suppliers

Shrimp Markets

Expala - Ecuador
Seafood Industry Contact - Ecuador
Shrimp Export Industry in Bangladesh
Pacific Supreme Company - Buyer
European Market for Seafood - 2005
Aqua Star - Buyer from Seattle
Canned Fish & Seafood Market -Japan 2002
Global Seafood Sourcing Company
Opportunities and Constraints in Marine Shrimp Farming

Report on Shrimp Farming in India
Regulatory Issues - Japan
Shrimps & Crabs - Japan
Seafood Watch - Reports
Processing Shrimps in South Carolina
Scope in West Africa
Processing in Arizona
Foods Company, India
Indonesian Cold Chain Project
Grocery Sales, USA
Market Expansion of Fish and Shrimp Diets in Asia
Shrimp Market & Environment
Global trade Database - Shrimp
Cold Water Shrimp Market
Cold Water Prawns - consumer usage and attitudes

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