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 Information Profile at a Glance
  • Aseptic technology is a gentle way of processing and packaging liquid food that keeps food safe, fresh and flavorful for a year—without refrigeration or preservatives.
  • The origins of aseptic technology can be found during the latter half of the 19th century, with the sterilization of milk. While sterilization made preservation possible, it required that the milk be boiled, a process that ruined the taste and removed some of the nutrients.
  • The advantage of the method was that it used cheap, disposable materials to achieve low cost and maximum hygiene.
  • Food is flash pasteurized, then filled into sterilized packaging and sealed so that nothing bad gets in and nothing good gets out. And it’s all done in a sterile chamber. The result is fresh, pure, nutritious food that stays safe and delicious for months without preservatives or refrigeration. The entire process is continuous and clean, and it takes place in a single space-efficient machine.
  • Aseptic technology has opened up a new growth opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers

Content Headlines on CD ROM

  • Principles of Asepsis
  • Aseptic Technique
  • Aseptic processing for pharmaceuticals
  • Aseptic Technologies - Sterile disposables
  • Drug production in an aseptic technique 
  • Tetra Pack Product Innovation
  • Rexam Pharma's Profile 

Aseptic Filling Technology

  • Aseptic vs Hot-fill for Pet
  • Aseptic filling for bottles
  • Recent Technical Advancements in Blow-Fill-Seal Technology
  • Aseptic Filling : Closed-Vial Technology
  • Aseptic Filling of Closed, ready to fill containers
  • Blow Fill Seal Technique
  • Blow Fill Seal Technique Flow Chart


  • Bottle Pack Machineries
  • Continuous whey drainage and portioning machine
  • Continuous whey drainage and cheese forming
  • Cheddaring machine
  • Horizontal tank for curd making
  • Cheddar cheese pressing tower
  • Blockformer Cheddar cheese pressing tower
  • Horizontal tank for cottage cheese curd manufacture
  • Batch-wise whey drainage, pre-pressing and curd block portioning
  • Tetra Tebel Casofi ll® BAF Process line for Feta types of cheese
  • Carton Players
  • Aseptic Drink
  • Machineries

Growth Strategy Of Aseptic Technology 

  • Prisma Aseptic packaging solutions
  • Processing Systems
  • Microencapsulation technologies suitable for aseptic processing
  • Homogenizers and high-pressure pumps
  • Quality Test 
  • Recycling of used beverage cartons in Europe
  • Recart System 
  • New dimensions of Extended Shelf Life
  • Aseptic Pure simplicity
  • Brik Matrix 2005 
  • Efficient processing modules and lines for carbonated soft drinks production
  • Aseptic Squareline

Packaging and Transportation

  • Aseptic Bulk Storage and Transportation
  • Aseptic processing & Sterile Process
  • Tetra Classic Aseptic Packaging
  • SIG – concentrated competence in packaging.
  • Full Aseptic Processing Lines
  • Aseptic Bottle Pack System
  • High-speed Aseptic Line for Bottling Operations

Developmental Centers and Consultants

  • Product development Centers  
  • World Markets for Aseptic Packaging
  • Carton and Market
  • FAB Company 
  • Aseptic Technologies Company Profile
  • Extended Shelf Life - ESL technologies
  • Control Cabinet
  • Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies
  • Soup Company

Food , Drug and Other Processing 

  • Fashion in packaging
  • Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing 
  • Geared for adventures
  • Technology development in brief 
  • Consultants 
  • Heat Transfer for Every Purpose 
  • Ice-cream Aseptic Preparation
  • Infection control guidelines
  • Machinery and Moulds
  • Aseptic technique with the intestinal bacterium
  • Algal Technology Laboratory

Innovation in the Field Of Aseptic Technology 

  • Equipments
  • Aseptic microwavable
  • Monitoring Airborne micro organism in blow fill technology
  • European Markets  : Supply and Demand
  • Aseptic Packaging Report 2006 
  • Bottle pack bottle versus Non-PVC-bags
  • Aseptic Production of Pharmaceuticals Using Blow-Fill-Seal Technology
  • Aseptic Technique in pharmacy 
  • Aseptic packages
  • Aseptic Technique for Surgery 
  • Tetra Pak Port Folio

Aspect Technique in Processing and Surgical Firm

  • Surgery and Aseptic Technique
  • Process Technologies Laboratory and Services
  • Optimal Temperature Settings in Aseptic Processing of Low-Acid, Particulate Foods
  • Tetra Pak India Ltd.
  • Tetra Centri - original dairy centrifuge
  • Tetra Therm Aseptic Drink
  • Equipments and Machinery 
  • Tetra Top Global Market 
  • Aseptic Packaging 
  • Packaging System 
  • Beverage Cartons Recycling 
  • Heat Exchanger Systems
  • Tetra pak processing and packaging system

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