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  • The term “aseptic” is derived from the Greek word “septicos” which means the absence of putrefactive micro-organisms. Aseptic describes a product or method that is free of microbiological organisms, that would lead to spoilage, fermentation, or contamination.
  • Aseptic packages are made of several laminated layers, including paper, aluminum and low-density polyethylene.
  • Tetra Pak Aseptic cartons are multi-layer polycoated paperboards. The type of paper used depends on the product being packaged, the regional market where it will be sold and the manufacturing conditions.
  • The post-consumption aseptic cartons value approximately 120 USD/ton. The recycled materials have the following values: recycled paper (120
    USD/ton. – market value), aluminum (2500 USD/ton., according to the LME – London Metal Exchange) and paraffin (500 USD/ton. – market  value of high purity paraffin for industrial applications).
  • Considering the mass balance, it is possible to calculate the average value of output materials as 306,60 USD/ton. Thus, there is an aggregation of value by 155,5% as a result of recycling these three components from post-consumption aseptic cartons.


  • Recycling of tetra pak Aseptic Cartons
  • Overview of Aseptic fill/Finish manufacturing
  • Aseptic packaging system
  • UHT milk and aseptic packaging

Turnkey Machinery

  • Suppliers from Australia
  • Suppliers from Michigan
  • Suppliers from China
  • Suppliers from USA
  • China Suppliers


  • Recloseable aseptic package.
  • Aseptic packaging of foods
  • Aseptic closure for containers of liquids
  • Method for joining webs of aseptic pouches
  • Printing ink-decorated packaging material for aseptic packages, and a method of
    producing the same
  • Apparatus and method for sterilizing an aseptic web


  • Aseptic Paper Exporters
  • Aseptic Paper Selling leads
  • Aseptic Paper Manufacturer & Suppliers

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Company Profiles
  • China Company 1
  • China Company 2
  • China Company 3
  • Company from Switzerland


  • Candesce®
  • Aseptic paper drinking cup
  • Aseptic Packing Material for Juice & Milk
  • Aseptic Pouches


  • Consultant from Delhi
  • Consultant from Ahemedabad
  • Consultant from New York
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from Georgia
Report & Market
  • Recycling of Aseptic Carton Packages in Brazil: a Case Study of Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Packaging Material Toxicity and Aseptic Packaging System for
    Food and Pharmaceuticals
  • The truth about Aseptic packaging
  • Cost benefit analysis of Aseptic Cartons recycling in bandung, indonesia
  • Market Intelligence Guide for Packaging

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