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  • Auto disable (AD) syringes eliminate the risk of infection because they cannot be reused. According
    to manufacturing type, some syringes, have a fixed needle with a metal clip that locks the plunger after a single use. Other syringes,
     have a safety plunger that breaks off after a single use and removable plastic tabs that indicate if the syringe has been used before
  • AD syringes have either fixed or detachable needles. Detachable needles can only be used with
    the syringes with which they are provided, thus eliminating the re-use of needles. For all types of AD
    syringes, the plunger is permanently locked after being depressed. With some models, the plunger locks once depressed, but can be
    withdrawn a short distance to aspirate blood and check for needle position. Some AD syringes contain
    a single dose of pre-filled vaccine or medication, to ensure increased accuracy in dosage
  • It costs 10% more to make a conventional syringe into an AD syringe
  • But the hidden cost of disease transmission associated with unsafe injection practices is considerably higher than the cost of preventing
  • Technology Transfer activities are complex and difficult and needs interaction of International , Governmental & Technology sources and entrepreneurs
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