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  • The evacuated blood collection
    system consisted of a needle assembly which had a distal needle that was inserted into the patient and a proximal needle that was in the backend of the holder.
  • During a blood drop procedure, the distal end of the needle would enter into the patient’s vein.
  • The evacuated tube would be pushed down onto the proximal needle so that blood entry from the patient would fill up the evacuated tube.
  • The vacuum enabled the tube to fill out with the appropriate volume of blood.
  • When multiple specimens were required, additional evacuated tubes would then be inserted into the holders after the completion of the previous draw.
  • Two companies are major players supplying products world wide
  • Syringe & Needle History
  • Blood Drawing Using Evacuated Tubes
  • Preanalytics

Blood Collection

  • Venepuncture
  • Blood collection Techniques
  • Safety
  • Potassium Variability in VACUETTE® Serum Separator Tubes and Vacutainer® Serum Glass Tubes
  • VACUETTE® Selection Chart
  • Tubes & Multipurpose Beakers
  • Procedures for preparing and shipping samples

Company Profiles

  • Company annual report 2002
  • Annual report 2008
  • Annual Meeting 2009
  • Annual Report 2008
Patent & Technology
  • Patent
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Technology Company
  • Technical brief
  • BD Vacutainer®
  • Glass EDTA Versus Plastic EDTA
  • Plastic versus Glass Tubes: Effects on Analytical Performance of Selected Serum and Plasma Hormone Assays
  • Tubes for Hormone Analytes
  • Comparison Study
  • Catalogue
  • Blood Tubes
  • Coagulation Tubes
  • Protecting Healthcare Professionals
  • Plasma Preparation Tube
  • Hygiene Compilation
    ( German)
  • Evaluation of VACUETTE®

  • Medical Supplies
  • India Contact
  • Safety-Engineered Sharp Devices - directory
  • Urine System

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