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  • A blood collection tube is made up of sterile glass or plastic tube with a closure that is evacuated to create a vacuum inside the tube facilitating the draw of a predetermined volume of liquid.
  • Vacutainer® is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson, which manufactures and sells the tubes today .[citation needed]
  • Most common application is to draw a blood sample directly from the vein and also to collect urine samples.
  • Sterile vacuum blood collection tubes mainly for serum determination. Most tubes utilize conventional stopper closures.
  • Tubes with a BD Hemogard closure incorporate a plastic shield that helps to protect lab personnel from contact with blood on the stopper.
  • The rubber stopper of a closure is recessed inside the plastic shield so any drops left by a blood collection needle remain isolated from potential contact. The shield also protects against blood splattering when opening tube.
  • The Vacutainer® system consists of a double-pointed needle, a plastic holder or adapter, and a series of vacuum tubes with rubber stoppers of different colors.
  • It consists of two sections such as external tube is made of PET retains vacuum and internal tube is Polypropylene which retain liquid additive and maintain proper blood to additive ratio.
  • The stopper colors indicate the type of additive present. So that each colour of tube used in different type of testing and perform various functions.
  • One end of the double-sided needle is inserted into a hole at the top of the plastic holder. The other side of the needle is inserted into the vein and the Vacutainer® tube is inserted into the plastic holder to draw blood Samples.
  • When compared with phlebotomist, Vacutainer® are effective when multiple samples are required but phlebotomist simply waits until the first tube is filled and then replaces it with another tube.
  • With these tubes, dilution of the blood is more accurate. Each tube is pre-filled with the appropriate amount of additive.
  • List of Vacutainer® tubes available are Gold Top SST, Red Top Plain tubes, Purple Top Tubes, Gray Top Tubes, Light Blue Top Tubes, Green Top tubes, Navy blue tubes with no anticoagulant, yellow ACD solution B Tubes.
  • In the Quantification of Human immunodeficiency virus type1 in blood specimens , plastic Vacutainer® tubes are mostly preferred for blood storage.
  • Advantages are improved accuracy, turn around time and more timely patient treatment, reduction in incidence of hemolysis.
  • A blood transfer device is a one-piece latex-free device that meets all procedural and safety standards for blood transfer.


  • Vacutainer® Tubes.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages.
  • Colour description of Vacutainer® Tubes.
  • New Vacutainer® Tubes.
  • Easy and Reliable blood collection technique.
  • Device Description.
  • Blood Transfer Device.
  • Project Opportunity Description.


  • BD Vacutainer® Brand SST II Tubes.
  • Vacutainer® Tube with Tripotassium EDTA.
  • Vacutainer® ACD yellow top.
  • Vacutainer® brand tube with Thrombin.
  • Vacutainer® Tubes containing Gel and EDTA.
  • BD Vacutainer® plus plastic conical tube.
  • Vacutainer® brand tube with sodium citrate buffer solution.
  • Vacutainer® tubes containing silica and gel.
  • Vacutainer® EDTA (Purple Top).
  • Vacutainer® tube with ACD Solution.


  • Vacutainer® Blood Collection.
  • BD Vacutainer® CPT.
  • BD Vacutainer®.
  • BD Vacutainer® PPT.
  • Vacutainer® Eclipse.
  • Evacuated Discard Tube.
  • Evacuated Blood Collection System.
  • Product Catalogue.


  • Vacutainer®with positive separation barrier.
  • Disposable seal for Vacutainer® holder.
  • Blood serum collection tube.
  • Surface Modified Blood Collection Tubes.
  • Tube for preparing a plasma specimen for diagnostic assays.


  • Vacutainer® Tube Guide.
  • Venous Blood Collection Tube Guide.
  • Blood Collection Tube Size and Colour Guide.
  • Safety Information about Blood Collection Tubes.
  • Vacutainer® Plus Plastic Citrate Tube Draw Volume Guide.
  • Tube Guide for Vacutainer®.
  • Safety from End to End.


  • Evolution of Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes.
  • Vacutainer®-a simple invention that has altered medicine forever.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Supplier1 from China.
  • Supplier2 from China.

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey Provider from Israel.

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  • Automated Blood collection tune machine.
  • Blood Collection tube assembly machine.
  • Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Machine.
  • Blood Collection Tube Machine.

Manufacturing Plant

  • Production plant form China.
  • Production Plant from UK.


  • Suppliers from China.
  • Supplier from UK.
  • Supplier from  Europe.
  • Selling Leads of Vacutainer.
  • Manufacturers from India.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Manufacturers List.
  • Indian Manufacturers.

Company Profile & Consultancy

  • Company1 from China.
  • Company2 from China.
  • Company3 from China.
  • Company4 from China.
  • Company5 from China.
  • Company from Germany.
  • Expert from USA.


  • Comparison of VACUETTE® Serum Gel Tubes with Vacutainer® plain glass tubes.
  • BD Vacutainer® SST and PST Plus Plastic Tubes.
  • Efficacy of a Retractable safety winged steel needle to reduce needle stick injuries.
  • Evaluation of Vacutainer® PPT for use with the bayer Versant assay for quantification of HIV.
  • Potassium Variability in VACUETTE® serum separator tubes and Vacutainer® serum glass tubes.
  • Techniques to perform transabdominal chorionic villus sampling.
  • Evaluation of BD Vacutainer plus EDTA tubes for glucose preservation.
  • Conversion to BD Vacutainer® Access Device results in 78% hemolysis reduction.


  • Barrier formation under centrifugal force in blood collection tubes.
  • Vacutainer® plus UA Preservative Tube.
  • Inorganic Ion Contaminations in Vacutainer® Tubes.
  • Reuse of Vacutainer® Barrels.
  • BD Vacutainer®Push Button blood collection sets.


  • Use of Plastic Vacutainer® Tubes for Quantification of HIV Type 1 in Blood Specimens.
  • Use of Vacutainer® Tubes for collection and Storage of blood for coagulation testing.

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